Published by at 3 noviembre, 2020. Garlon 3A and Milestone mixed are very effective and don't require complete coverage of plant for total control. 0000005788 00000 n Ah, the irony. 'Tordon 101M' is a Restricted Use Pesticide. garlon vs crossbow ¡Hola mundo! Active Ingredients: Triclopyr 44.4% Foruulation Type: Amine Herbicide Mode of Action: 4 EPA Signal Word: DANGER / PELIGRO I use Garlon 3A at 25%, 3-5% Stalker and water (add 10% antifreeze in winter), and red dye to help mark treatments. Crossbow: Wet foliage and stems with 1–1.5 gallons Crossbow in 100 gallons water; spot spray with 0.25 pt (1/2 cup) Crossbow in 3 gallons water. It will only kill the tree limbs that you spray with it. Superior woody plant and broadleaf weed control. }, The ester formulation is sold under the trade name Garlon 4® and is marketed in garden shops and hardware stores as Turflon Ester®. ... Rates are 4 to 20 lb ai of triclopyr ester herbicide (e.g., 1 to 5 gal Garlon 4 Ultra) to each 100 gal of oil used, or 1% to 5% by volume. It controls broadleaf weeds in pastures grasses, Bermuda grass and Bahia grass. The combination of these two herbicides increase the effectiveness and outperforms regular brush killers and glyphosate products. It also controls heavy brush, hard to control vines and even unwanted trees. Garlon 3A + Vanquish 48 fl oz 48 fl oz Removing 'Escort XP' from the mixture improves safety to grasses, but the rates of 'Garlon 3A' and 'Vanquish' should be increased to maintain the same activity against woody species. Garlon ® 3A herbicide provides superior woody plant and broadleaf weed control while maintaining the integrity of roadsides or rights-of-way. For success, the stem must be soaked and thoroughly covered throughout the treatment area. Garlon 3A or 4, glyphosate, and Crossbow are all effective. ... How do I decide whether to use Garlon® 3A or Garlon® 4 Ultra? crossbow vs triclopyr. Categories . November 5, 2020 Uncategorized Leave a Comment. The concentration used for basal sprays is much greater than for foliage sprays. Quick overview Garlon 3A Herbicide is the liquid amine formulation for foliar and basal bark applications, and is effective on actively growing brush by penetrating the bark and entering the cambium layer. Last I bought was $100 per gallon, pretty good stuff. Treat new seedlings every year. triclopyr: Garlon 3A, Tahoe 3A: Apply solution 3–5% (vol/vol) of herbicide in water when leaves are green. This field of new crossbows is full of innovative, high-performance shooters, but it also has some great bargain bows Crossbow is a premix of 2,4-D and Garlon's a.i. It mixes up 4 oz per gallon of water and costs about $16 a quart. I use a 3 gallon backpack sprayer for basal bark spraying and the seals and hose usually survives the diesel for only about a year. $48 Garlon 3A + Tordon 101M 64 fl oz 64 fl oz A common mix in utility settings. Garlon 3A, Vastlan and others. 3 octubre, 2016. * 0. 0000001516 00000 n Care must be taken around trees and shrubs due to Milestone's soil activity. Mix the 2 to kill everything, crossbow alone to kill everything but grass. Garlon 3A, Tahoe 3A, Triclopyr 3, Triclopyr 3A, Vastlan: Injector or axe frill and spray: Apply 0.5 ml or 1 ml diluted at 3- to 4-inch intervals between wound centers at convenient height completely around tree: Undiluted or diluted 1:1 in water: Any season, except during periods of heavy sap flow Crossbow Specialty Herbicide contains two effective herbicides. REDEEM or CURTAIL or GARLON 3a: 2qt/acre rate=1.28 oz/gallon of water 3 gallon backpack: 4 oz 15 gallon sprayer: 19 oz 25 gallon sprayer: 32 oz 50 gallon sprayer: 64 oz TORDON 22K: 1 qt/acre rate =.64 oz gal of water : 2qt/acre rate=1.25 oz/gal of water 3 gallon … Be careful of surrounding vegetation! Using the right formulation can also prevent damage to non-target plants within the landscape as well. Also effective as a late-season application.

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