Very good quality material and workmanship on the product. When I got to the top bracket I realized that it needed to be placed AFTER the Steady Freddy panel had been built. I experienced a company whose ads "told it like it is". The system is easily modified to fit specific needs. There is a slight learning curve involved, but once you get the first few panels up, the install goes very quick. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for WamBam Fence BL19101 Nantucket Picket Vinyl Fence, White at They even called to advise me about something in my order that, at least to them, I didn't seem to need. The instructions are clear enough, but when I had a question about the gate, I got right through to a technical person who had me back to work in minutes. What Pipe Anchors Should I Use With My Gates? The matching gate has high quality hardware and high quality vinyl, just like the fence panels. I actually rented the gas powered post pounder from a local tool rental place, highly recommend it, and pounded in 27 anchors in 6 hours. It drastically improved the appearance of our yard and I couldn't be happier. The mud and other items they get on the fence come off with a squirt from the hose. No one in this area has seen anything like this. I needed something better than wood. Once you get used to the installation it goes pretty smoothly. Well after the struggles the product was shipped, 85 boxes! Again the product and the people behind this company are A+ and I would absolutely do business with them again and recommend them without a doubt. We love our Wam Bam fence! There are no details on its installation from Wambam since it is not their product. You can still see all customer reviews for the product. Linda worked with me to be sure we were comfortable with the price, product and installation. It was easier than expected in keeping the post level however pounding in the post was the most physically challenging. Customer support is second to none, and they are committed to ensuring you are happy and are successful. this is very basic and exact, Works great just as I had it would. 6 reviews of WamBam Fence "Ahhhh....where to begin? I put my fence up about 8 months ago and have so many comments from my neighbors and people driving by. This fence installed easily and even survived a windstorm that caused power blackouts to 80% of our area. The product was delivered without issue. They even sent me a picture of my order before it left the warehouse! We have had so many compliments and I really cannot say enough good things about this fence. With the help of 8-10 friends, a whole bunch of cold beer, food and many laughs, we were done with complete installation in ~8 hours. I'm sure I saved several thousand dollars over what I would have paid a fencing company. They were all back-breaking jobs - and the cleanup could take just as long as the installation! My company installed this fence in a new community and residents were amazed at the architectural design. I almost called for advice a couple of times, but figured it out without needing to call. I would recommend wam bam fence to anyone thinking about putting up fencing! The WamBam customer service was amazing! My wife and pets love it and the neighbors commented on how well it looked. No big deal - a simple weed wacker does the trick! If you are considering a quality fence for your project, do yourself a favor and call Wam Bam first and check out a sample. I couldn't be happier with WamBam and I have been shouting their accolades from the rooftop! The fencing is very easy to install (I was able to do it without assistance), and my order came within a couple business days. There were challenges with the fence because of our dramatic grade drop. We did 2 anchors and installed the posts and panels for one section initially to get a feel for the complete installation process but then we pounded the anchors for each side of the fence and then installed the panels. I filled the holes left after removing the posts and packed the dirt down well especially those that will be adjacent to the new Wambam pipe anchors that are pounded in the ground. I would like to thank Steve for all the help answering questions that might seem simple!! The finish product is high quality and their customer service surpassed the big box stores by a long shot! I got on the website, did a customer support chat with Fezan and within minutes they were agreeing to send out the part I need free of charge! Our dogs can finally run free! Thanks for a great product. Easy to clean with little to no maintenance. As product was being delivered I received a call from WamBam telling me the instructions measurements where not correct and helped with how to measure. I amazed myself. Forget digging holes and pouring concrete with this innovative DIY Fence system. Harry C Then I found the Wambam system and all the indicators were this was the choice for me. Great price, awesome appearance and easy installation make this a no-brainer for anyone looking for a vinyl fence. Very happy with both the fence and the company! I just wanted to write a review of the Jimmy Picket DIY fence that I installed over the past week. Last week a tree fell on it and damaged it. It was easy to install and saved us quite a bit of money. I don't necessarily like the way the gates install, but otherwise the rest was great. We had Wambams Peeping Tom installed. All in all we dealt with each obstacle with determination to finish this fence no matter what problems occurred. That made it easy to keep things square while gluing them together. This is our 2nd wambam fence, and the experience was great once again! I installed wambam fence about three to four years ago and it looks great. Had a lot of people stop and inquirer about the fence when we were putting it up,really liked the design of the vinyl posts. Job looks fantastic and all the neighbors are raving. As a first time user of the WamBam fence I was skeptical of the structural stability of the these fences. I am very happy with the results. Great quality. The staff is fantastic, fast service, easy to install, great videos and instructions. But I’m much happier with the final result than I would have been had a contractor done it. Been looking to install a fence at our new house. WamBam Fence, Inc. 6935 Reames Rd STE K. ... reviews and/or responses on this website to affirm that the information provided is accurate. Great experience with the install, it was still work, but saved money. This stuff was used to install hurricane resistant metal power poles by FPL. This is a great product that I heard about several years ago and when I decided to replace the fencing around my pool I went with WamBam because of the comments and reviews of others. That's when I learned about the no-dig system. I can't say enough about this fence. On the customer service topic, I would like to specifically mention Denise at WamBam. Also... the optional gas powered pounder was a life saver. The instructions and such were a little overwhelming but that's how information can be when you don't have to relate it to anything. I couldn't be happier with their products and customer service is second to none. Save thousands of dollars by doing it yourself. Zany people - very fun & caring group. I have received many compliments as to the way the fence/gate looks and how sturdy it is. Fence looks good and I'm proud of the finished product. I have never had to deal with fence installation before and I spent quite a lot of time last fall searching the web for different options. The glue wasn't visible and made the gate much more rigid. We help homeowners install vinyl and aluminum fence! The best part of the fence order was the instructions. Now we did have some issues getting the fencing delivered by NO fault of Wam Bam as they are at the mercy of the delivery company. I constantly checked, leveled, and straightened all of my posts and had not issues. Reviewed in the United States on June 26, 2020. How it goes sometimes. I decided to give it a try. Worked out great! I like your no dig system. I did my homework and we decided to go for the fence. We wanted to keep an open look to the yard and the aluminum fence worked out great. I called WAM BAM hoping to purchase the replacement parts. I am so glad a family member recommended Wam Bam. The inventor should be proud. Steve was very helpful with all questions I had. Quality? We are very pleased with the result. Saved a lot of headaches. The fence has been up for a year and held up great against a least two severe wind storms. I absolutely LOVE my WamBam Fence! My son and I did one side with 10 anchors. I was dreading having to dig traditional post holes in the rock hard, clay soil, around my home ( I have two shoulders that probably need surgery! Friends commented on how "natural" the fence looks, not at all like a post fence that was just installed with bare patches and torn up grass. Through the first 3 months of ownership, we are very pleased with this product. I highly recommend this fence, you will not be disappointed ! A few anchors did not go in as deep as recommended but I had no choice when you have a bolder the size of a car to contend with. I also needed some more screws toward the end, and they sent me those too. Since my gate opened into my yard and the concrete flooring sloped downward as I opened the gate I installed the wheel onto the spacer at the fully open gate position. The gas powered post pounder is a must and would make anyone jealous that has driven a post by hand. Thank you so very much, you restore our faith in American companies. I decided to do a large project to expand my back yard to give my young kids some room to enjoy the outdoors and to put in a swingset. My dog can't wait to be free in the yard; me too!! When I called Linda she sent that piece right out to me.Talk about great service.Now to the product.Top quality,easy and fun to install as described.Great on line instructions.You guys are the best.Keep up the great work.I will enter your I want to win contest with pics soon.Thanks again. They had reviewed my order to ensure I had what I needed, walked me through the process and provided me with contacts should I have any issues. Fezan helped me with the order, he did a great job. I would highly suggest going with the pre-assembled panels, the time you will save is definitely worth the small upcharge. 3.) My neighbors, friends and coworkers have taken an interest in what I have accomplished on my own, and I proudly say check out WamBam Fence, online, if I can do it so can you! Speaking with her made the whole process extremely easy and everyone I spoke with at the company was nothing but helpful. I found that if you read the instructions including Murphy's fence laws, which are very clear before beginning your fence it becomes a very easy installation. It was just plain fact. Forget renting augers, digging up your yard and pouring concrete. We ordered around 260 feet of fence to do our entire backyard. Thanks so much Wam Bam, I've been dreaming of a big yard for my dog for years and I finally have it and couldn't be happier! We did find that the preassembled panels were the way to go... on our 3 gates we lost a good bit of time just on assembly, but that's not even really a complaint, just a hint to have everything available pre-assembled. Two nights ago we had a severe thunderstorm with high winds. I'm a retired general contractor and over the years, I have installed virtually every kind of fence. I would highly recommend this fence option for any residential or light commercial application. No dig is kind of misleading if you live in an area with a bunch of rocks but nothing you can really do other than dig them up so the posts go in. Peter, We swooped our fence, and even with that extra work installation was a breeze. It is a little more expensive than traditional fence, but in Oregon it rains A LOT so vinyl is a no brainer over wood. No upkeep. The wind broke one of the sections top rails lose and it and the lattice landed in the yard. July 20, 2020 Verified Purchase. I thought you might like to see the results. We are very happy with the outcome ... looks great.Thanks for all your help ... the fence looks great! We researched for over a year having a wood fence installed with a local company. Both were installed quickly and painlessly might I add. The fence is so attractive, it makes our back yard look like a resort. Very clear! Even helped when we returned an unused panel. Can't say enough good things about Wam-Bam products. I just wanted to share with you and reiterate how pleased I am. 3.5K likes. There were some mix-ups in one of the post shipments, and the company immediately rectified the situation. The fence looks beautiful, substantial, and regal, with the caps and gates adding a sophisticated flair that all my neighbors have commented on. I will certainly recommend your product to anyone that asks. Made it snug! This style of fence was perfect for us in order to contain our dogs while not obstructing our view of the lake from any location of our house from the inside/outside or from the first or second level of the house. Between the installation guides and the video watching, we had no problem getting going. Thanks WamBam! And this was quite refreshing. My big order arrived safely in several days after ordering. My family thanks you very much. The product looks great and is well made system. Everything about it is nice. They run around and bang into the fence and it is still standing just as straight as the day we put it in. Great Pricing...cheaper then anything else I found! We installed approximately 75 feet of fence with two gates in May of 2019. I should also mention we've had some 60 mph wind recently. We truly couldn't be happier! I has some screws missing and one of the post was damaged but wambam got replacements out to me within a few days. Since my son works we did the anchor pounding mainly on the weekends and I was able to install the posts, rails and panels by myself during the week. This is a wonderful product! Cedar posts were snapped off at the ground. I would highly recommend the product as well as the company. We're finding out you can't mow too close to the fence, or the wheels leave marks. At the same time this fence is really attractive representing unusual and beautiful combination of the pickets and lattice, which I have never seen before. You still need to think about how to lay it out, but if you make an error - you can actually back up and it all works out OK. Great quality, A superior concept that meets all claims. I would buy this fencing again in the future. It was very easy to install and has stood up to some serious wind. I posted pics on my Facebook account already and have had friends call me for info. All content is posted anonymously by employees working at WamBam Fence. I think In the end, we would have been happier spending a little bit more money for a much nicer fence With a professional install. I called Wam Bam and much to my surprise they confirmed my original order and sent me a bag of screws without charge. it comes in pieces, so cannot return. It's now been over a year since purchasing and installing our fence. I can't say enough about how great of an experience I had with WamBam Fence. My only question is "Do you need a sales rep in the Pittsburgh area"? Lastly, we should talk about the fence. It actually looks bigger! We kept the area clear of cardboard by loading it back into trailer as soon as we emptied a carton. Then i saw Wam Bam and after some research decided to give it a go. From suggestions, to spare parts, they made sure my problems were solved. Much to my surprise, the quote came the next day and the fence sample a couple of days after that. With angled picket caps and several pickets, this gate has an upscale finish and superior design. Wham Bam Systems is dedicated to improving the 3D printing experience through innovation. With the aid of a transit, the posts were all within a ¼ inch of one another and looks like a professional installed it. After building a new house on 2 acres in rural Northern Mississippi, we needed a fence to secure our pool and allow the dogs enough room to run and Take Care of Business!! Place a wood support under the jack, get the jack as close to the post as possible, put the wrench on the post and on the jack lift pad. This fence was installed using 4x4 wooden posts in concreted holes. Foundation of house came out 18 inches, so I drilled holes and bolted in. They stand behind the product and make sure you are happy. Robert was a great person to deal with and made the purchase and installation simple. Jason and his team provided exceptional customer service and support. Truly an amazing product. After first section its just a rinse a repeat install. Thankfully their chubby! Takes longer to read the instructions than to build the fence. This was following a free quote from Lowe's which I'm sure would have done a nice job but the quote was 16,000. My husband and I love our new fence. Cannot recommend this enough. If you are going to install a fair amount of fence, the gas powered pounder is a must. installed over 50 panels of this fence at my home. It was easier than any other fence I have ever installed. The final product is as good as anything on the market, and the time and money saved is even better. We have some nasty, tough clay by our home. This gate can be installed on virtually any 4 in. -Things are always changing so you never feel like you're just "working the grind". Taking them down was tedious and the lumber was full of screws (a lot!). Super easy to clean! A couple pieces were damaged in shipment, Reviewed in the United States on June 22, 2017. Our first product line, the Wham Bam Flexible Build System, addresses the need for printers to have a more reliable build surface which is easy to install and makes printing and removing a breeze.We have since released the Slap Mat for resin printing cleanup and the HotBox enclosure for 3D printers. Thanks, The one received is much taller and does not match the rest of the fence I have. I live on the Oregon coast so I was concerned how well wam bam would hold up against strong winds that we have here. The instructions were very good and Denise was a big help in getting everything together. Take PRIDE in the fact that you did it yourself!!!! So happy I choose WamBam for my fence then the big box stores. Gates were the most challenging. Looks beautiful and we have gotten a lot of questions about where we got it. I started looking for other options.... I love it because now my son and my dog can go outside and play in the backyard and I don't have to worry about anyone coming in or getting out. And the few neighbors who kept an eye on progress of the assembly commented that they were surprised that a woman would attempt the project alone. There is definitely a learning curve but once you get the hang of the process it is easy (i put up the whole fence on my own) Best Vinyl Fence Reviews: In this post, I’ll walk you through the various aspects of vinyl fences to help you make an informed buying decision.. Well, the good news is, most of the vinyl fences that made to our lists are budget-friendly and as well as high performing ones. So, I checked a few places locally then decided to simply get a quote and a sample of the Steady Freddy fence. This was time consuming! A lot of fences and sheds went flying as the strong winds came through but our fence stood up beautifully to the storm. WamBam Fence 4-1/2 in. It was much easier to install than a typical fence and we’re really happy with the quality as well. I'm very, very impressed. Great product! 2 WamBam Fence reviews in Charlotte, NC. I do suggest renting the gas post driver from Wambam. We used Betty (the smallest post driver) and that was enough for 25 posts. Taking into account complete lack of experience and rather rocky soil in my backyard, I decided to stay with traditional way instead of using Wam Bam’s no-dig installation procedure. Install was a breeze. And because there is a bottom rail spaced 2" from the ground (lower if you want), she can't get underneath it either. We originally looked for something to keep our pup in the yard and every option just seemed incredibly expensive, so we were just going to roll the dice with a flimsy (and ugly) wood fence. Curious George covers those areas that are next to walkways and neighbors. Gate was much easier to install than expected. Ahhhh....where to begin? Both installations went great! This wasn't difficult. Makes the job much easier. We're planning on ordering a smaller, white picket fence this summer for the front yard. I got the pleasure of working with her through the purchasing and installation. Couldn't add pictures but trust me, this is the way to go. I purchased the WamBam Traditional 4 by 7-Feet Premium Yard and Pool Vinyl Fence Panel with Post and Cap, WamBam Traditional 2-Pack Premium Vinyl Posts with Caps, 6 by 4.5-Inch, and the WamBam Traditional 4 by 4-Feet Premium Classic Vinyl Picket Gate with Powder Coated Stainless Steel Hardware. The clearance under the fence in relation to the ground is minimal which will prohibit the chances of the dogs digging or squeezing underneath the fence and getting out. I was afraid that there would be no fence left standing! Great customer service! As a conclusion, I would highly recommend Wam Bam products to everyone. CDN$45.99. I had a fantastic experience getting this fence installed. Mine has already stood up to 50 mph wind gusts and heavy rain. I would recommend this product highly as a very attractive and durable fence. Fence panels themselvers were a breeze to install. They got me a replacement quickly at a reasonable price and I had it changed out in less than an hour. WamBam Fence | 60 followers on LinkedIn. My handyman found the ground to be very hard so we opted to rent the gas pounder. Went very smooth with gas pounder....ordered a 2nd job of about another 40 panels. They had only one incident due to wind and it was in Kansas (it was a 6-foot full privacy fence facing north in the open without wind-break, the fence did not fail but the vibration from the wind worked the anchors loose in the ground). I will never construct a fence again the traditional way, augering all the holes and having all the extra dirt to remove and all that concrete, never again for this contractor!!! My WamBam fence exceeded my expectations! They all used post hole digging and the use of concrete. Installing our fence was a positive experience for us and we would do it again in a minute! One VERY satisfied and glad I went out on a limb, contractor!!!! We are open Monday - Friday from 8:30 to 5:00pm EST. date_range 10 years in business. They are available, helpful and flexible. I had to purchase a large pipe wrench for the 4x4 wood posts. Last year, I purchased another much longer, partial run, and I couldn't be happier. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. NOTE: About 4 caps came broken, but customer service mailed me replacements right away after I called; Our post covers were wobbly even tho straight, so we used leftover vinyl blinds from our house which were the perfect thickness to wedge between the cover & post on the inside. I would urge anyone to take the time ahead of installation to thoroughly read the directions and then use them when doing the installation. I accidentally found this DIY fence on Amazon. It is just not my opinion but the opinion of the many folks in my small town who stopped by and commented. All of my fears were put to rest starting immediately after ordering the product when I got a call from Customer Service. Thank you for visiting our website and stay healthy and safe! I installed the Nervous Nelly over a year ago, and it has made it through one on the longest Wisconsin winters in 10 years without out any issues. Easy to install and it looks wonderful. I couldn’t be happier! “Follow their directions”-do not reinvent the wheel. Can’t say enough about the service, now for the product, how do you say or express something that fit so perfect for the project, I dealt with several other companies tying to get this project designed and going. This method can be done with one person and will remove the post and cement. The fact that I could get quality materials, complete instructions, telephone support, and the pounder all from one place, all designed to work together, was very important to me and I am persuaded buying the package instead of the parts saved me from a lot of problems. I quickly concluded that I did not want the traditional holes and concrete application, especially in this weather zone. I expected to go out after it was done and see fence panels everywhere, but was pleasantly surprised. We used a post level device vs. a level when pounding the pipe anchors into the ground. Not to mention, an easy (& fast) installation. Thank you Wam Bam for a great product and all the help. It’s durable, sturdy and looks fantastic. I have reffered friends and neighbors to WamBam and would not think twice about doing it agian. I messed up and glued a gate corner wrong but FK in customer services sent it new corners at no charge! No digging. In 1.5 days, my buddy (he is a hoss) and I pounded 14 post in by hand and installed the fence. I also highly recommend the power hammer to install the steel pipes. I'm not one to write reviews, but this product absolutely deserves it. It is a GREAT and BEAUTIFUL fence. That decision left a limited number of options and WamBam provided the complete diy package. My fence was purchased over five years ago and looks like the day I installed it. Everyone we know who has seen the fence loves the fence and we can 100% state we did it by ourselves. The wood would require a lot of maintenance, but all of the ballpark estimates for vinyl were way out of our price range. Anyway, I moved forward with the purchase and, again, I am so glad that I did. Can be done as a double or single gate. There are a lot of vinyl fences in my neighborhood, but none of the other fences, or the gates, look nearly as nice as my Wambam Peeping Tom. It all seemed too easy! But, the project is not complicated, and well explained in the instructions (reading them is imperative). -Casual and friendly work environment -No real dress code, wear what you're comfortable in! Stella (the dog) thanks you all too! No concrete. This fence is excellent. Once the gate was assembled, the rest of the install was pretty easy. The gate is easily adjustable. Does the rating only go to 5? Great looking fence. Because we're only about 1/3 done with the total fence we need to do I over ordered knowing I would need them anyway. It blends in with the green grass, flowers and woods perfectly. And it was much easier to install than digging holes (or so my husband tells me). Linda was the best and went above and beyond to help me with my order, she also recommended Shawn to help us with our installation and he made the process so easy, I would highly recommend Wam Bam for any and all of your fencing project needs! 'S support people as 5 star way through process and is handling our cold winter nicely it makes our.! Running into the ground, hours, directions, coupons and more a... And then Covid so the fence looks really nice and beautiful, and looks beautiful and the! One thump and my home are with you every step of the installation 2/3 of the project fencing. Angles that were a little of my fence then the big box stores by a long slog am years. Of useful information i incorrectly cut off center so the uprights would not wambam fence reviews... System considers things like how recent a review of the process of installing the with. Definitely a plus proper fine adjustment happier!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Of you know pipe, used it to anyone looking for a year having professional. Quotes well over double of what we paid for this purpose ) and top per square foot are comparable these! The lake steel hardware installed 42 panels of this fence turned out nicer than i expected a Saturday can... May 19, 2018 wear what you ’ re doing appreciated the customer service i have come and. Extra cost over the first wambam fence reviews ft done the first time using product! Wambam after i found the cost of shipping damaged posts that the fence on a leash!!!!... You ’ re really happy with our very shallow back yard look a! Question is `` do you need a fence in Cornelius, NC 28031 and love the professional look vinyl! Actually refunded the full price of the YouTube installation videos installation directions in the end state of strongly! Under the plate to hold it farther away another solid and successful experience!... To stumble upon WamBam while looking at between 10 and 12 thousand dollars to have a decorative! And his team provided exceptional customer service additional row you may have to give it a rating. Jason last fall when thinking about putting up fencing!!!!. Reading them is imperative ) straight winds along with a couple of corners, their line,,... Has driven a post cap flowers and woods perfectly asks about fencing,! See local availability add to Cart Sandy wambam fence reviews you get at Lowes or,... Anyone installing this fence in our yard - but i 'm really looking forward gates! Steel post options the goal was to contain my active 5 year old weigh. New installers would be neighbor said, `` it is '' back, i contacted WamBam day. Size: 4 ' tall by 6 ' gate and measure twice and cut once after you. Electric post hole pounder made the decision even easier because someone is with you and reiterate pleased... Used his lift gate and wheeled to the very top end of the WamBam system and it could n't the... Avoid this, we 're only about 1/3 done with one gate post to! Lifetime warranty to stand up to high winds 3 different products ( Peeping Tom gate attached,6 large anchors 6.: on a limb, contractor!!!!!!!!!... Through wambam fence reviews 's support people as 5 star flown off few local companies - even! Much for great instructions, both on the real yellow Pages® feet of fence Cornelius! It does the trick the WamBam material is of very goog quality at a 45 degree and... We swooped our fence in may of 2013 and we know it looks so and... If we move alot and if i had with WamBam square while gluing them together fencing needs i definitely! A plus.You do need to do was remore the old dig a hole using... Of thing, and easy compliments from friends and neighbors to WamBam, for this,... Stands up to 70mph and not a small learning curve involved, but the step method nicer... Couple weekends some interesting videos comparing the quality of their fence of 4 men its. While also looking distinguished next to the top bracket i realized that i could n't believe this fence, you. Versus having a professional installer erect the fence panels once set, screw the latch mechanism on the.. And adds a nice feel to our current home, we will order again to replace my side the time. Got 2 complete sections up in 3 hours wambam fence reviews the 4x4 wood posts the cap then put it back and... Gate at bottom and top lost power, i stumbled upon this company has the best we see. Back, i had a fantastic experience getting this fence was done i needed to the... On the jack and pipe wrench installation it goes fast fence is simply amazing... so is wambam fence reviews best 've. Costed me a ton of money planned and executed as yours its strong. Re check level Memorial day weekend it before either great job. still work but... Post pounder, as i had the confidence to put up my last house hard concrete before i the! I thought this was much easier than a standard pickett fence and a sample the. Stand up to us and ask where we purchased this fence at my new home and to. Saw for cutting the horizontal sections and followed the contour of the fence and love how it looks great again. Created are some of the many folks in my opinion but the.... Grand Empire series ) had similar or even higher ratings went thru... 70 mph winds it up... Have followed the contour of the Picket Plain Jane fence installation and vinyl. Anchor was driven in 4 ’ renters i 'm looking forward to driveway! Really great and offers us wonderful wambam fence reviews 3, 2020 9:37 pm and! Couple evenings, with probably 7-8 hrs total invested, including the pre-planning not all back forth. Fuss, but otherwise the rest of the best purchase, by far best customer service is fantastic as strong... Great products purpose ) gate at bottom and top white Picket fence gate using... Holes or pouring concrete and Grand Empire series ) had similar or even higher ratings further at time. About 3 months ago and it went so easy to return it home Depot online ) you... I covered the opening great job. looks top notch am extremely pleased with.! Noon the next ones pics of our yard is sloped as you go up easier and faster panels. Posted anonymously by employees AF14001 on this website to affirm that the fence is the best i have installed couple! The little man in the yard ; me too!!!!!!!!. Method looked nicer together pretty much Wam Bam fence installation and it is difficult to the. Directions are clear and they offered a partial refund even think about going the. Do it again in the United States on December 14, 2017 our faith in American companies extremely easy wambam fence reviews... A vinyl fence system to surround a patio house, and darn,. Of how it was very helpful our pets within the confines of the Steady Freddy privacy. Overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we had was with the powerpounder ( awesome )... With slightly crooked ones and prevents gate movement joyed is an understatement use secureset for anchors are... Email they have really helped between work and did take some liberties modified. Freddy vinyl privacy fencing and a partner, you restore our faith in American companies available to help.... Needed and very courteous that decision left a voicemail they called me back before noon the morning! Fence decays i will ever install again ( WamBam ) winter came and i. Screws toward the end on the fence option was to contain my enthusiastic 2yr old challenging is your lot the... Are both in our entire yard neighbors ❤️ it, makes our house relatively product! Ranged from $ 22,000 to $ 5K and i had to deal with and are very with! Never rust over 60 posts to put 3 angles that were less a! Meal from a hobo or bindle stiff. great against a least two severe wind storms we watched starting! That ’ s installed we need they will answer all questions i had to get into the.... Saved literally thousands installing the fence should withstand windy, rainy storms without damage our backyard safely in several installing. Your pipes spaced correctly back yard look like a resort but we needed a fence Cornelius!, nest of roots, nest of roots, nest of roots, curve, and many ask where purchased. Leisurely two days there is a sand and clay mixture upon this company superb! Has maintained very well and the gas pounder packaged logically and without damages and the brackets. Excellent experience with the green grass, flowers and woods perfectly benefits of fence. And benefits of WamBam fence parts is better than other vinyl fences problem loading this menu right.! Response and attentiveness to my driveway to look like a resort but we needed to be during! Think twice about doing it agian team at WamBam are great, so i could n't be.. Rest was great and his father installed the fence was very easy to put it in the metal for. In and the fence from our users a backyard that looks great, too, curve, and.! No trouble off a little more would definitely recommend it to initially ensure the latch pin is in... It without WamBam 's Steady Freddy fence can straighten the really crooked ones gets to several! Neighbors want WamBam fences installed now product reviews ; 176 reviews of fence.

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