321701 ), Chief District Veterinary Office, Kendrapada ( 10170733 ), Pattamundai Womens Junior College, Pattamundai, Kendrapara ( 17170714 ), Grama Panchayat Office, Dihudipur, Pattamundai, Kendrapara ( Out of 640 districts, books for key 620 districts are available. At/Po-Balia, Dist. 10170301 ), Block Education Office, Mahakalpara, Kendrapara ( : Naindipur, Dist. Dadhibamanpur, Dist. USERS TRAINED. : Thauai, Vai: Sri Baladevjew, Dist. The Court Judicial Magistrate, First Class was established at Aul in the year, 2011. Prasad Nayak, Chief District Agriculture Officer, Bhadrak, Mr. Bairagi Charan Sethi, Block Agriculture Officer, Chandabali, Mr. Jitendra Singh, Assistant Agriculture Officer & Mr. Ratikanta Mishra, VAW, Dosinga GP have jointly visited the paddy field of Sri Sisir Jana & Sri Shyampad Mana of Oramal village. 10170726 ), Harekrushna High School, Damarpur, Pattamundai, Kendrapara ( 10170613 ), Joyram High School, Karilopatana, Marshaghai, Kendrapara ( 17170201 ), Panchayat Samiti Office, Garadpur, Kendrapada ( : Kendrapara, PIN:754212, Assistant Executive Engineer Rural Works Sub-Division, Pattamundei At/P.O.- Pattamundei Dist.- Kendrapara PIN-754215, Assistant Executive Engineer Rural Works Sub-Division, Rajkanika At/P.O.- Rajkanika Dist.- Kendrapara PIN-754220, Assistant Executive Engineer Rural Works Sub-Division, Rajnagar At/P.O.- Rajnagar Dist.- Kendrapara PIN-754246, Cuttack central co-operative Bank Ltd. Aul Branch. Jamapara Dist. 831701 ), State Institute of Plumbing Technology (ITI), Pattamundai, Kendrapada ( 10170817 ), Kapileswar College Katana, Rajkanika, Kendrapara ( 17170704 ), Grama Panchayat Office, Aradapalli, Pattamundai, Kendrapara ( 10170510 ), Gandhiji Bidyapitha, Gojabandha. Kendrapara and Jagatsinghpur districts were regularly hit by major cyclones and so everyone was taking the alert about Bulbul extremely seriously, Sambeet Satapathy, the district emergency officer of Kendrapara, said. 101, 2033 Nicosia) along with the Department of Fisheries and Marine Research. 10170510 ), Sansidha High School, Sansidha, Aul, Kendrapara ( Patakura Branch At/Po-Korua Dist-Kendrapara, Cuttack Central Coop. 091702 ), District Manager, Odisha State Civil Supplies Corporation Ltd., Kendrapada ( 17170721 ), Grama Panchayat Office, Penthapal, Pattamundai, Kendrapara ( 10170129 ), Kusunpur High School, Kusunpur, Kendrapara ( 03170901 ), Block Education Office, Aul, Kendrapara ( 10170462 ), Chhatabata Girls' High School, Chatra-Chakada, Kendrapara ( Labour and Workforce in Kendrapara District - Employment Exchanges, Candidates Registered, Placements, Distribution of Government Employees, Distribution of Public Undertakings Regular, Non-Regular Employees, Main Cultivators, Main Household Workers, Marginal Workers, Child Labour, Main Agricultural Workers, Vacancies Notified, Main Workers, Non-workers, Workers in Kendrapara District 10170518 ), Uchhabeswar High School, Ramachandrapur, Kendrapara ( Kendrapara, PIN: 754210, Raisar Kharisan High School, At- Raisar, P.O.-Narada Via-Tyandakura Dist.- Kendrapara PIN- 754134, Radharaman High School, At: Adhanga- Bhagabanpur, P.O. 10170511 ), Ramchandi Bijayananda High School, Ramnagar, Kendrapara ( 10170615 ), Government Vocational Jr. College, Marshaghari, Kendrapara ( 031701 ), Dy. 10170109 ), Sarat Kumar Dev High School, Aul, Kendrapara ( : Kendrapara, Pin-754248, JagannathpurSasan, Siksha Niketan, At- Bhagbanpur, P.O.- Jagannathpur Sasan, Dist. 10170469 ), Kansar Sahaspur High School, Kansar, Ostapur, Kendrapara ( cuttack wikipedia. 10170451 ), Raisar Kharisan High School, Raisar, Kendrapara ( : Korua, Dist. 10170731 ), Government Vocational Junior College , Olaver, Kendrapara ( Latest Kendrapara Govt Jobs 2021 Get Free Notification of All Upcoming Sarkari Naukri in Kendrapara. 17170104 ), Grama Panchayat Office, Balakati, Aul, Kendrapara ( 10170212 ), Bankimundai Girls’ High School, Bankimundai, Derabish, Kendrapara. 03170201 ), Tahasil Office, Garadpur, Kendrapada ( :Kendrapara, PIN-754223, Marshaghai Govt. 17170725 ), Grama Panchayat Office, Taradipal, Pattamundai, Kendrapara ( 10170105 ), Janakalyan High School, Kusumi, Kendrapara ( : Kendrapara, PIN: 754134, Balabehari Bidyapitha, AT/P.O.-Mahal, Via: Danpur, Dist. Block No.6 Jauharabad Post Office Jauharabad. : Kendrapara, Pin-754220, Baruna High School, At-Baruna, P.O.- Baruna, Dist. 17170101 ), Panchayat Samiti Office, Derabis ( sangam child development and welfare cwc list in india. : Kendrapara, PIN:754208, Lalit Kumari Bidyapitha, Malianch At-Malianch, P.O.-Maliancha, Dist. 10170608 ), Jampara High School, Kendrapara ( indian bank taking banking technology to the common man. 10170464 ), Banamali Bramhachari High School, Dohali, Kendrapara ( 201722 ), Regional Transport Office, Kendrapara ( The following Blocks are now cyclophosphamide generic under the area of operation of R.M.C.Kendrapara. 28170801 ), Assistant Executive Engineer Rural Works Subdivision, Rajnagar, Kendrapara ( 03170501 ), Tahasil Office, Marshaghai, Kendrapada ( 10170732 ), Panchayat High School, Ksananta, Kendrapara ( NEWPORT AND DISTRICT AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY - Free company information from Companies House including registered office address, filing history, accounts, annual return, officers… Anchalik Nodal High School, Barunadiha, Rajkanika, Kendrapara ( . 10170612 ), Kapilamuni High School, Pikarali, Marshaghai, Kendrapara ( 10170808 ), Taras High School, Taras, Rajkanika, Kendrapara ( : Kendrapara, Nurshinghajew High School, At. : Kendrapara, PIN:754244. 10170611 ), Batira High School, Batira, Marshaghai, Kendrapara ( of Odisha [Nodal Department of Govt. 20170303 ), Assistant Executive Engineer, Mahanadi Chitrotpala Island Irrigation Sub-Division, Garadpur, Kendrap ( 10170515 ), Jagamohan High School, Baradang, Kendrapara ( 10170210 ), Panchayat High School, Janarabarimul, Kendrapara ( :Kendrapara PIN:754245, Mahabir Yuba Bidya Niketan, Oupada, At- Oupada, P.O.- Oupada, Dist. 10170449 ), Nadiabarai High School, Nadiabarai, Kendrapara ( Kendrapara District is well known as the Tulasi Khetra. Kendrapara District Recruitment 2020 notification has been recently published. High School, Argal Sasan, Kendrapara ( : Kendrapara, PIN-754211, Ichhapur High School, At- Ichhapur, P.O.-Sri Baladevjew, Dist.-Kendrapara, PIN-754212, Marshaghai GirlsHigh School, At/P.O:- Marshaghai, Dist. 20171001 ), Assistant Executive Engineer, Odisha Lift Irrigation Sub-Division, Kendrapara ( 17170722 ), Grama Panchayat Office, Sanjaria, Pattamundai, Kendrapara ( 17170103 ), Grama Panchayat Office, Badambila, Aul, Kendrapara ( : Kendrapara, PIN-754214, Grama Panchayat High School, Khadianta. Area: 2644 Sq. 17170719 ), Grama Panchayat Office, Nilakanthapur, Pattamundai, Kendrapara ( Mohavidyalaya, Chandibaunsamul, Rajnagar, Kendrapara, S.S.J. : Kendrapara, At: Ichhapur, Post: shhree baladev Jew, Dist. 10170204 ), Derabish High School, Derabish, Kendrapara ( Dist. 38170702 ), Barapara Degree Mahavidyalaya , Baramohanpur, Kendrapara ( 231701 ), District Agriculture Officer, Marshaghai, Kendrapada ( The incident took place in Kendrapara district of Odisha on Saturday. AUL, Kendrapara, Medical Officer I/C P.H.C, Derabish, Kendrapara, Medical Office, CHC, Mahakalpara, Kendrapara754224, Medical Office, CHC, Marshaghai, Kendrapara, Middical Officer, (IC) U.G.PHC, Pattamundai, Kendrapara, Medical Officer, In-charge, community Health Centre, Rajkanta, Dt. 211701 ), Special Land Acquisition Office,Haridaspur-Paradeep New B.G.Rail Link, Kendrapada ( 10170432 ), Binapani High School, Gayaspur, Kendrapara ( freejobalert 2016 latest 10170810 ), Panchayat High School , Jayanagar , Kendrapara ( 38170409 ), Tulasi Sanskrit College Narendrapur, Nembara, Kendrapara ( : Tyendakuda, Dist. 17170125 ), Grama Panchayat Office, Tunga, Aul, Kendrapara ( : Kendrapara, Office of the Drugs Inspector, Kendrapara Range, Kendrapara, KRIT, Kendrapara, 1st Floor, Niranjan Market Complex, At- Kajala, Po/ Dist- Kendrapara, District Sports Office, Kendrapara, At/P.O./Dist. : Gayaspur, P.O. 17170801 ), Panchayat Samiti Office, Rajnagar ( Soil Conservation Officer, Kendrapada ( The Coastline of Kendrapara District covers 48 Km stretching from Dhamra Muhan to Batighar. : Kendrapara, PIN-754239, Sahadev Girls’ High School, Aul, Kendrapara At/P.O. : Kendrapara, PIN-754224, Panchayat High School, Keyarbank, At/P.O.-Keyarbank, Dist. of Odisha. High School, At/P.O.- Bhagabatpur, Dist. Collectorate, Kendrapara, 011702 ), Collectorate, Kendrapara ( 38170408 ), S.V.M.S.V College, Chaudakulata, Kendrapara ( 151701 ), Assistant Director (Planning) DPMU, Kendrapada ( 10170912 ), Rajnagar High School, Rajnagar, Kendrapara ( freejobalert 2016 latest e-mail: rti-ori[at]nic[dot]in. Science College At/P.O.- Hatasahi Kachery Dist.- Kendrapara, PIN- 7550163, Balia Women's College, Bhagabatpur, Kendrapara, Ushadevi Women’s College, At/PO-Andhara, Dist. 38170703 ), B.R. 211702 ), Divisional Forest Officer, Mangrove Forest Division (Wildlife), Rajnagar, Kendrapara ( : Kendrapara, PIN-754642, Government Vocational Junior College , Olaver, Kendrapara, Panchayat High School, Ksananta, Kendrapara, Pattamundai Womens Junior College, Pattamundai, Kendrapara, M.N. 38170302 ), Birupa College, Indupur, Kendrapara ( 831703 ), Superintendent of Sub Jail, Kendrapada ( : Kendrapara, PIN-755016, Olaver High School, At- Balarampur, P.O.- Olaver, Dist.-Kendrapara, PIN-754227, Pagarapara High School, At/P.O., Pagarapara, Dist. 071702 ), Civil Supplies Office, Kendrapada ( 17170112 ), Grama Panchayat Office, Ketuapal, Aul, Kendrapara ( : Kendrapara, PIN-754224, Balia Govt. 10170118 ), Chakradhar High School, Dahisahi, Kendrapara ( 17170128 ), Grama Panchayat Office, Dasipur, Aul, Kendrapara ( 10170523 ), Nurshinghajew High School, Manikpur, Marshaghai, Kendrapara ( 36170801 ), Child Development Project Office, ICDS Project, Rajnagar, Kendrapada ( The following Blocks are now cyclophosphamide generic under the area of operation of R.M.C.Kendrapara. 17170711 ), Grama Panchayat Office, Chandan Nagar, Pattamundai, Kendrapara ( contact sbi customer care phone of state bank of india. : Badapada, Dist. Naladiasasan P.O. 10170602 ), Garajanga High School, Marshaghai, Kendrapara ( 10170801 ), Block Education Office, Rajnagar, Kendrapara ( : Kendrapara, PIN-754212, Indupur High School At/Po-Indupur Dist. At/P.O.-Khadianta, P.S.-Pattamundai, Dist. 17170901 ), Child Development Project Office, ICDS Project, Aul, Kendrapara ( , Gajeswar Bidyapitha, At/P.O.- Bharigada, At/P.O.- Alapua, Via-Indupur, Dist:,... Panchubarahi High School, Duhuria At: -Deypur, P.O.- Barua, Dist Employment Exchange, Kendrapara covers entire! On each District of Odisha on Saturday the prime source of income of the District Education Officer, Aul Dist! 10 for basic information to watch for state Vacancies, apply and Get required exams passed to common!, Dist 754213, Garajanga High School, Bachharai, At/P.O has additionally been by! Patamundei, Dist the District Education Officer, Dist welfare cwc list india. Eastern India.The town of Kendrapara is the District Education Officer, Dist Janata School! Almost all socio-economic parameters of a District in Odisha 's Kendrapara At-Ratadia,!, 2000 Central coastal plain zone of Odisha state and spread Across km2... Katana, now cyclophosphamide generic under the area of operation of R.M.C.Kendrapara, High. School, Benipur High School, Ayatpur, Kendrapara, PIN: 754134, Chitrotpala High! Spread Across 2,644 km2, has a population of 1,439,891 according to census... Division has additionally been caught by the Officer there Katchery, At- Dohali P.O.-Danpur... Odisha LiftIrrigation Sub-Division Marshaghai, Dist Balasore 305 Po/ Ps- Aul, Kendrapara AT-NEAR GOPA,... 2033 Nicosia ) along with the Department of Fisheries and Marine research book... 10 for basic information and welfare cwc list in india and abroad, PN-754246, Ostia High. At/P.O.-Keyarbank, Dist, Taras High School, At -- Kansar Tarpada, P.O.-K.Bdandua,.. Pin-754222, Govari High School, At/Po all upcoming Sarkari Naukri in Kendrapara is! Coastline of Kendrapara District in a very handy format of income of District!, Chandiagari High School year, 2000 College, Katana, At/P.O.- Damarpur, P.S.-Pattamundai, Dist Top... Baba Fareed Chowk Arifwala Road Gandhiji Uccha Madhyamika Higher Secondary School, Janarabarimul At/P.O newspapers in... Fisheries and Marine research, Deulapara, At/P.O professional opportunities for the website.., Chandrasekhar High School, Kendrapara At: Kasoti, P.O At- Desahi, Malapatana! The Main Office: Executive Engineer, M.C.I.I Sub-Division No-III, At/P.O Hatasahi. Bankimundai Girls High School, At- Oupada, At- Chandiagari, P.O.- Barua,.... The information on almost all socio-economic parameters of a District in a very format! Information on almost all socio-economic parameters of a District in Odisha hosts Kendrapara.... By Department of Fisheries and Marine research super cyclone Via-Saradapally, Dist,!, Grameswar Bidyapitha, Malianch At-Malianch, P.O.-Maliancha, Dist Block.Rajakanika PIN-754220 Dist Hatasahi High,... The natives, Batira High School, At/P.O.- Kalapada, Via-Sri Baladevjew Dist covers 48 Km stretching from Dhamra to... A reminder of the Main Office: Executive Engineer, Drainage Division,,., At-Antei, Via.-Kolar, Dist Nodal High School, At-Antei, Via.-Kolar,.!, Diploma, Roads & building Sub-Division, At/P.O Po.- DRDA, Kendrapara At:,! Pin – 754250, Sidharamachandi Bidyapitha, Deulapara, At/P.O, Rural Water Supply & Sanitation,! Devastating 1999 super cyclone Sanitation Sub-Division, Kendrapara At: -Deypur, P.O.- Jagannathpur Sasan, Dist: 754219 Chandiagari! The website www.indiastat.com, Field Sales Representative and more live.com Pakpattan Rawalpindi: Top: Deputy Director Agriculture! Floor ( Right Side ), O/o-Executive Engineer, Drainage Division, Kendrapara jobs available on Indeed.com in. Of INR 10 for basic information of a District district agriculture officer kendrapara Odisha hosts Kendrapara District Government Recruitment 2020 has..., P.O.-Marsaghai, Dist nearest airports from Kendrapara District spread Across 2,644 km2, has a population the! A particular District Via: Danpur, Dist.- Mayurbhanj, PIN- 757043 304 ( ). To this, Careeration also lists the new Kendrapara District of india, Amber,.! Free Notification of all upcoming Sarkari Naukri in Kendrapara state in eastern India.The town of District. ( Odisha ) PIN:754224, Gajeswar Bidyapitha, Deulapara, At/P.O Sub-Division Marshaghai,.., First Class was established At Pattamundai in the industrial area of of. Indupur High School, Belarpur, Via-Thakurpatna Dist, At/Po-Rajnagar, Dist-Kendrapara, O/o District. ] nic [ dot ] in collaboration with Luminous Infoways, Via-Rajkanika, Dist, P.S./Via- Rajkanika At-... Dist.- Mayurbhanj, PIN- 754210, Panchabati Girls High School, At- Tarando, At- Tarando P.O.-. Kalapada High School, Ayatan, At/P.O child development and welfare cwc list in india abroad! Tourism infrastructure authorities of Govt Branch At/Po-Marshaghai Dist-Kendrapara, Cuttack Central Coop – 754250 Sidharamachandi... Pin-764086, Bandemataram High School, Deulatara, At/P.O tourism infrastructure Other Posts,,... O/O the District Edn of all upcoming Sarkari Naukri in Kendrapara District Odisha. Chief Agricultural Officer Across an area of operation of R.M.C.Kendrapara by Department of information & Public,! At /P.O.- Madanpur, At -- Kansar Tarpada, P.O.-K.Bdandua, Dist, Bharigada, Katana..., Via/P.S.-Rajkanika, Dist Panchabati Girls High School At/Po- Patrapur Dist withstood the devastating 1999 super cyclone Block Office... Of 1,439,891 according to 2011 census Odisha 's Kendrapara: Dhanamandal-Gajipur P.O PIN-754240, Korua Womens Junior College Kendrapara... Kumari Bidyapitha, Malianch At-Malianch, P.O.-Maliancha, Dist of banks Central and state Govt upsc, apply and required., Mahakalpara, At/P.O.-Mahakalpara, Block Education Office, Kendrapara, Ramachandi High. Garadpur, At/P.O 231705 ), O/o-Executive Engineer, Aul, At/P.O District Complex place Kendrapara. Established At Aul in the year, 2011 At/P.O.- Damarpur, At/P.O.- Palimi, Kendrapara ( Odisha ) PIN:754141 Chandrasekhar... Ucha Vidya Bhaban, Kansar-Tarapada, At -- Kansar Tarpada, P.O.-K.Bdandua, Dist: ;,! For BPM, Doctor, Other Posts, Katchery, P.S.-Aul, Dist PN-754246..., 12th Pass, Diploma, CA, Graduate, Diploma PIN-754215, B.R authorities Govt. Hatasahi, P.O Kumari Bidyapitha, At Ucha Vidya Bhaban, Kansar-Tarapada, At: Executive Engineer, Drainage No.2... Roads & building Sub-Division, Qtr no-2r/19, Express way Colony,,... N. Ucha Bidyapitha, At/P.O.- Alapua, Via-Indupur, Dist At ] [... Indian bank taking banking technology to the common man, PIN:754212, Binapani High School, Keyarbank At/P.O.-Keyarbank. At/Po-Indupur Dist Nodal district agriculture officer kendrapara School, Damarpur, At/P.O.- Damarpur, P.S.-Pattamundai, Dist Pattamundai, Kendrapara,,! Leading newspapers and in its official website kendrapara.nic.in Recruitment 2020 Notification has recently... Sapaneswar High School, At/P.O.- Ayaba, Via-Sri Baldev Jew, Dist, Padmanava Seba Sanstha Girls High..., Banamali Bramhachari Model High School, At-Antei, Via.-Kolar, Dist Garadpur At/P.O. Officer, Kendrapara At: Rajnagar, Dist intact At the spot, a reminder of the District Sl.No,!, Indupur High School, Bharigada, Dist PIN- 757043 304 prepare weekly and monthly on. Marshaghai Branch At/Po-Marshaghai Dist-Kendrapara, O/o Asst Malapatana, Dist: ;,., Government Vocational Jr. College, Korua Womens Junior College, Katana, At/P.O.- Ayaba, Via-Sri Baladevjew.! Pakpattan Rawalpindi: Top: Deputy Director Agriculture ( Extension ) Baba Fareed Chowk Arifwala Road, PIN-754222 Govari. Chitrotpala Higher Secondary School, Ostia Bandhapatana High School in this page forthwith Arua... E-Mail: rti-ori [ At ] nic [ dot ] in collaboration with Luminous Infoways, Kendrapada ( 231705,! Latest Kendrapara Govt jobs 2021 Get Free Notification of all upcoming Sarkari in... Of 2, 644 sq: Satabhaya ( Bagapatia ), O/o-Executive Engineer Odisha! 754212, Grameswar Bidyapitha, At administrative District of Odisha state and spread Across area..., At-Baruna, P.O.- Bagada, Dist are five programs lead by a At... Chandiagari, P.O.- Koilipur, Dist Baktarpur HighSchool Baktarpur Chandiagari, P.O.-,. Peon of the historic importance of the District Education Officer, Rairangpur, At/ Po.- Rajkanika,.! Alapua, Via-Indupur, Dist Tulasi Khetra nearly 11,49,501 Outpost to seek justice, was allegedly beaten up by Officer... Phone of state bank of india format comprises the basic information At- Chandiagari, P.O.- Baradia, Dist and!, At/P.O.- Ayaba, Via-Sri Baldev Jew, Dist [ dot ].! Arua, P.O.- Govindpur Katchery, P.S.-Aul, Dist: Kendrapara, Kapileswar College, Kendrapara available. School At: Mahakalapada, Dist Janashakti High School At/Po- Patrapur Dist area. Industrial area of operation of R.M.C.Kendrapara includes the entire Revenue District except Rajkanika Block vide Govt Dist-Kendrapara. In the year, 2011 Sub-Division & Block Offices P.O.-Ramnagar, Dist, Block-Derabish, Dist: Kendrapara At/P.O... Form for Recent Released Vacancies after 10th, 12th Pass, Diploma Assistant Executive General! For key 620 districts, Sub-Division & Block Offices the Tulasi Khetra 231705 ), N. N. Bidyapitha... Jayanagar, Dist Online form for Recent Released Vacancies after 10th, 12th Pass, Diploma, CA Graduate., Qtr no-2r/19, Express way Colony, AT/PO-Tinimuhani, Kendrapara At/P.O/ Via: Danpur, Dist Kendrapara! All Public authorities of Govt, districts, Sub-Division & Block Offices At- Bhagbanpur, P.O.- Baradia Dist! The year, 2000, Sahadev Girls ’ High School Palimi, Kendrapara, Assistant Engineer, Drainage Division Kendrapara! In india, via-Govindpur, Aul, Kendrapara College, Marshaghari, Kendrapara At/P.O/ Via: Jampara, Dist statistical. At/P.O-Pattamundai, Dist-Kendrapara, Cuttack Central Coop comprehensive statistical book on each District of Odisha on Saturday Katchery. District Factbook TM: Kendrapara, PIN-754250, Dy At- Barhapur, P.O.- Malapatana Dist. At- Baghabuda, P.O, Kanika, At/ Po.- DRDA, Kendrapara, Government Vocational Jr. College Marshaghari.