Nov 10, 2012 - G&R Tactical is your go-to place for quality gear at great prices! Looking for a good red dot sight to add to my AR build. I used a relatively heavy plastic hammer and hit it 5 times from each side (front, back, left, right, top). It seemed to always cause problems with my vision for both eyes open shooting. The tiny P223 3×32 compared to a 3-9×40 First Impressions. And stay in touch with newsletters of our best articles on techniques, guns, & gear. The battery is another main selling point of the PRO sight. Same rig as how I test my uppers and barrels. is the premiere online destination for Red Dot Sights.When you can't make up your mind which Red Dot Sights to order then have a look at our Red Dot Sights Reviews and compare top rated brands to find a Red Dot Sights that is suitable for you. Additionally, there are rear and front flip-covers to keep lenses protected and clean. However the PRO on it’s own is still the standard for the budget duty optic in my opinion. The main difference is that the M4’s battery lasts an impressive 8 years on a single AA battery! Although the PRO is positioned as one of Aimpoint’s mid-tier offerings, we think it has the functionality and ease-of-use to rival most any red dot sight. your password. A red dot sight is designed for fast targeting at close range. Since most were bought by armchair Rambo's that get buyers remorse, most are in excellent condition. Heavy benchrest and nice Hiperfire trigger. The PRO was actually designed with the input of current and former law enforcement professionals to create a red dot sight that perfectly met their needs. I had an Aimpoint PRO for a while, but I wanted to cut down on size and weight. Good review. So if you’re looking for accuracy at distance, you might prefer a different type of sight altogether. Pro And Cons Of The Aimpoint Pro Patrol… In the end, I’ll go over my final thoughts about the Aimpoint Pro, and you’ll have all the information you need to determine whether or not it’s the right red dot sight for you… Let’s jump into the review! 14:56. The Aimpoint pro fits that bill. Aimpoint Pro - 1:32 - 1. Before we wrap up, let’s check out some of the most frequently asked questions about the Aimpoint PRO. your email. The only problem that occurred with the Holosun is when it was dropped in a bucket of water or in the rain. Forgot your password? It is quite durable, and is even meant to be waterproof up to 150 feet! Gun Review: Daniel Defense’s DDM4V9LW 5.56mm The carbine has a long top rail for mounting sights and optics like the Aimpoint PRO. Aimpoint’s Patrol Rifle Optic (PRO) is our favorite pick when you need a bomb-proof red dot that can stay on for 3 years on one battery. Sign in. That what may be a $50 savings cost overall over the beloved Aimpoint Pro, is the Carbine Optic worth the loss in features? If you're on our email list or Facebook or IG you'll be notified. it has a red line in it from 10 o clock to 5 o clock that comes and goes when outside or inside bright or cast over days, mostly when you look at dark objects. The fast targeting and full field of view help you feel safe and allow you to adjust to any threat with relative ease. Great review as always. This a great sight if you are primarily going to use it for up-close targeting and shooting. The battery lasts up to 3 years on a single charge. Nutnfancy, Please do a review that addresses the red glare that appears on the picture sight when facing away from a light source. Now…for a more overcast day we have a video of it with the Vortex 3x Magnifier: It depends on your end goal, but for most red dots are meant for closeup encounters. Privacy Policy and Then check out more of our favorite Optics & Scopes for the AR-15. We tested one for almost 3 years and thousands of rounds…plus remounted it a couple of times to see any shift. 3 of them equate out to the price of one midrange scope. The centreline of the Aimpoint PRO is around 39 mm over the top of the rail along with the spacer and it has an ideal MSR height. And it is accurate at distance, but there are much more accurate sights if the distance is your goal. If you don't love your Zeba shoes or they don't fit right, you can send them back for a full refund or exchange. Red dot sights are great because of their parallax-free nature. your email. So while you are paying more, you are definitely getting a sight that has superior construction. It turns out that the laser generated dot is very fine (1 MOA or less) and typical adult eyes often have flaws that cause an object like that to have a persistent fuzziness around the exterior. ACOGs are also heavily used. also i wish there was a couple more brightness settings because i go from a crisp dot right to a much brighter hazy star. If the pattern is the same regardless of the position, it's YOUR EYES. The Aimpoint PRO comes with a big although incredibly useful knob that auto-torques…so you only need your hands to take it on and off. Aimpoint pros: lightweight, extremely durable (the “AK” of red dots), and sick battery life Aimpoint cons: I’ve heard a handful complaints about the dot washing out in a very bright desert setting, still gives you a little bit of “tunnel vision” even with both eyes open, and the red dot to me is kind of a “bare bones” reticule if you will. His hobbies include gardening, reading, shooting, and most of all - learning new things in every context (hence why he chose to be a writer). Unless you are willing to spring for the Comp M4 at $900…it’s one of the best deals for something tested and nearly bomb-proof. So while it is technically compatible with any rifle, it is certainly most suitable for an AR-15. This means you get unlimited eye relief, and you also get a full field of view by aiming with both eyes open. Too bad they don't make a prism. The sight is made from hard, anonized aluminum alloy. Let’s check it out in comparison to its main competitors: The Trijicon MRO is one of the Aimpoint PRO’s main competitors. save that $200 budget you have currently, till you can afford an aimpoint pro(400-450 bucks).. you wont regret it.. the battery life is amazing and they are tough as hell. Soon! Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. The UTG mount that came with mine is sturdy as can be. So I didn’t go full-blown torture testing. I also got the Aimpoint PRO after speaking with several people who all know a lot more than I do about this stuff. Of course, a red dot sight is only as good as the red dot itself, and we were very happy with this one. your username. I got a brand new aimpoint pro for $350 (on sale) but id rather pay $120 more for something that is proven rugged and reliable. Tried CMMG's plastic charging handle based on reviews and it caused more problems with a jam every mag. Aimpoint PROs are made in Sweden. See the rest at Aimpoint: You get the name, 10 year warranty, and much better impact/submersion/battery-life. However, it is clearly designed with AR-15 in mind. It was a bright day but not SUPER bright…so this was one or two brightness levels from the max setting. If you’re looking for a red dot on a plinking rifle or an occasional competition? They have two production facilities located in Sweden. [Review] Aimpoint PRO (Patrol Rifle Optic): Best Red Dot? Keep up the good work! If that’s a little too much for now…check out our Best Red Dots Under $200. Examples: anything by EOTech or Aimpoint, ... Video Review of the Nikon P223 3×32. Aimpoint PRO with the OEM mount and the EOTechs weight about the same. If you like our Sig Sauer Romeo 5 Review share it with your friends and family. The biggest downside is for an entry level optic the price is only about 60 bucks cheaper than the Aimpoint Pro, and the Pro comes with a much better mount. Aimpoint PRO for sale on Amazon: EOTech for sale on Amazon: Primary Arms Advanced Micro Dot for sale on Amazon: Summary of Aimpoint vs EOTech: 1. Ankit has been a writer for almost a decade now and has developed a diverse portfolio. First up, we were quite impressed with the durability of the PRO’s design. Learn more at. your username. Like I just said above…if you need an optic on a life-saving firearm…I would suggest the Aimpoint PRO. Ok, so red dots are nifty…but how does it look like through the PRO? More. The Aimpoint PRO is packaged with a QRP2 modular mount set up for usage on AR15s, M4s, M16 Rifles, and Carbines. Aimpoint Corporation is a Florida Domestic Profit Corporation filed on March 15, 1995. See what our customers are saying. How did it do with some of my favorite ammo (Best AR-15 Ammo for Self-Defense & Range Plinking) at 1x and 3x magnification? I am colorblind. He only does what he loves. Our favorite guns and gear that we've tested and fully recommend. The lens itself has a good amount of clarity, and it’s easy to view targets even far away. As long as you have a view through the site, the dot stays focused on your target. Unfortunately China posers are catching up with Sweden manufacturing with the high accuracy and low cost of CNC these days. Colts chrome lined and mil spec vs some of the S&W are just melonite barrels. Posted on November 6, 2017 by admin. Complete and ready to mount. Read honest and unbiased product reviews … The Sig series of red dots goes on sale pretty regularly and have a warranty as good as Vortex. So while the difference will largely come down to personal preference, we do like both sights a lot. The Aimpoint Comp M4 is the “premium” version of the Aimpoint PRO. 6. They are offering it in a combo kit for $399 and that includes flip covers, a dust cover and a mount if I recall correctly. Forgot your password? A really wide field of view, a 2 MOA red dot, and reliable reticle accuracy make it such a popular choice among red dot enthusiasts. Log into your account. What Makes the Aimpoint PRO Stand Out From the Competition? You do not pay anything extra and your The vortex 3x magnifier is mounted in a flip-to-side mount, which gave it the correct height. The Aimpoint PRO separates itself from its competitors with its superior ease of use. His whimsical nature and love for writing fosters creativity in all of his work. And now I hope to answer some of yours! I am ready for one. Click Here To Visit Amazon And Get The Best Price! I compared it to the Sig Romeo 5 and a couple others in the store. Glass : 3.5/5 Glass Quality. I really like quality stuff that performs well. Which is the better optic: The Aimpoint PRO or the Trijicon MRO? This site is protected by reCAPTCHA and the Google The Patrol Rifle Optic (PRO) is even more rugged, more precise, and just a bit bigger. Nice tight groups at 50 yards. I have three of the original Aim points and wouldn't trade them for any other sight on the market, other than the Pro illustrated above. Looking through the Weaver Kaspa scope, I found that its image is as clear as many big name scopes within the same price range such as the Nikon Buckmaster II.Color contrast is not that great, but acceptable. I may earn a small part of the sale from links to any products or services on this site. The reticle on the PRO is quite impressive. I’m willing to look past the relatively heavy weight (11.6 oz) and oddball battery. Share this gun video: Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window) ... Nutnfancy’s full review of the 7.62x51mm FN SCAR 17S, including range demo and field strip. In order to see whether the Aimpoint PRO stands up to its advertised standards as a professional-level red dot sight, let’s evaluate the main attractions of its design. ya, the fact they lied to the government, suffer severe poi shift, put thousands of service members at risk, and had to offer to buy ALL of them back is totally irrelevant. I really did not expect such a huge difference in red dots. Online Library Press Kits Aimpoint News. 209 Terr., N. Miami Beach, FL 33179. I'll stick with my Eotech thanks. The one where I show the dot I used to make the groups is pretty hard to see. Welcome! i bought the aim point pro from bass pro. Also shown is … Received my new Aimpoint PRO. We have a 30 day return policy that begins when you get your shoes.. We've shipped over 70,000 pairs since we began selling them in August 2019 and so far and our customers LOVE their Zebas and we're confident you will too. In this article, we’ll examine whether the Aimpoint PRO meets this purpose with sufficiency. It's a logical place to start considering you likely just spent $700 to $1200 on your rifle, and justifying several hundred dollars on … Password recovery. Hopefully, Holosun will get the message and fix this problem on their future devices. Buy once, cry once, enjoy for a lifetime. If that helped, please subscribe to our YouTube Channel where we have weekly video reviews of the best guns & gear. The Aimpoint PRO uses a 3V Lithium Battery, type 2L76 or DL1/3N. Press and Media. I am left wondering if the Aimpoint Pro and Micros were non-starters for him. If you were to crank it up to the max without being in direct extreme sunlight you will see a red halo on the sides. The Aimpoint PRO is compatible with a wide range of rifles. The M4 is also made of high-strength aluminum, which is a step up in durability from the PRO. EOTech 512 - 2:34 - Read the full review here - Note to readers: Please click the share buttons above or … Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. What Do I Need to Know About Mounting the Aimpoint Pro Patrol? - Duration: 6:37. His review and Amazon didn't let me down.. Importantly, there’s no bulky zoom ring at the rear and dimensions are nice and small. I know the Aimpoint Pro is rock solid but $400 may be out of my price range. In fact, the sight itself is designed to be “always-on”. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Aimpoint PRO Red Dot Reflex Sight with QRP2 Mount and Spacer - 2 MOA - 12841 at The red dot is quite small and precise, so you can zero on small targets up to 300 yards away with precision (as long as you can calculate your bullet drop). We hate SPAM and promise to keep your email address safe. I became my group's "gun guy" and everyone who had questions came to me. Let us know what you think about Sig Romeo 5 in the comment section below. your username. I picked up a Sig Sauer Romeo 4A for $155 on sale recently. Thanks for reading our guide to the Aimpoint PRO. That way it’s more the same each time and to prevent recoil movement. One thing to note: You may not see the dot as a smooth small circular dot, but as a fuzzy quasi-dot like object. I used the M2 when i was in, the M3 and the Aimpoint PRO are good options on a budget, and just as tough. Our customer written product reviews by verified buyers comprise of recommendations, reviews, ratings and feedback. Just put the AimPoint PRO on my new Daniel Defense M4V11 LW. Any suggestions on best no frills red dot sight? Get help. This has to be the best review I’ve read on the MRO. Is it just me and my color blindness preventing me from seeing that? The mount has a guide for easy installation. Regular Guy Training LLC 65,434 views. Thanks! Now…let’s quickly learn about red dots, see some views through the PRO, accuracy testing, torture testing, and comparisons with other red dots. The reason being is that folks wanting an Aimpoint, want our mounts too. Sign in. The mount might actually be a bit high for some other rifles, but the mount is also detachable and it is compatible with third-party mounts should you require a different height. The battery is meant to last up to 3 years without having to turn off. EOTech‘s holographic technology is exclusive to EOTech sights. We’ve got a dedicated section for the AR-15 here. Subscribe! Obviously, I wouldn't first choose an Aimpoint for shooting prairie dogs at 200 yards plus, but on big-game animals, I'm comfortable with a red dot out to 200 yards. 2. You can even get spendier and get the Eotech-style reticule and solar powered option. your password. I soaked up as much information as I could online, at competitions, and from tinkering in my workshop. While it is of high quality, there are more durable, and more accurate sights available. The hammer testing was after re-mounting so the best comparison is F vs G.  There’s definitely some shift but again this falls within the 4 MOA spec. I have spinal problems and I don't get much for SSI disability. I purchased this rifle after hearing it recommended by Nutnfancy on YouTube. When/if EOTech completely fixes their sights and gets them in the acceptable tolerances, I will be open to getting another one. Both my CMMG and old J. Ceiner conversion kits work okay with Remington Thunderbolt as well. The Aimpoint PRO (Patrol Rifle Optic) is one of the most popular red dot sights on the market. Welcome! 1 click = 16 mm at 100 meters. Top 10 Best Graphics Games 2014 My Gaming Gear: The gun is very interesting the price of around $1,500 seems high to me, I think for that sort of money if I wanted a small package for home defence (Something I could use for other applications as well) and I could live with the trigger(And didn't need a … Follow @pewpewtactical for more! It also has a removable spacer so that it can be mounted on shotguns, sub-shotguns, AK47s, Type 81s, BD08s, and other weapons that have a low line of sight. Having the PRO with a standard size 3x magnifier these days is relatively a heavy and bulky set up. Optic review: Aimpoint Acro, Sig Sauer Romeo 4A for $ may... To prevent against scratches and impact damage price range has no magnification option... we 'll have a as. Even get spendier and get the Eotech-style reticule and solar powered option reality…the green hue isn ’ be... Dot from multiple angles so you can make quick, easy targeting is designed be. Subscribe to Pew Pew Tactical 's sales and deals email types of Holosun optics and i believe results! No magnification option in a flip-to-side mount, which causes the fuzziness the only problem that occurred with choice. About handguns... with none of the most popular red dot sight, you can find Aimpoint! & Scopes for the AR-15 for good measure offering similarly wide fields of view, makes! Impact damage stays focused on accuracy over speed quality ( not all ) t be happier i hope answer. Folks wanting an Aimpoint PRO bass PRO sights with “ both eyes.! Relatively a heavy and bulky set up for usage on AR15s,,. To know what you are definitely getting a sight that has a smaller field of view and... A red dot sights deals, coupon codes,... Video review of EOTech Aimpoint... Aimpoint sent me the PRO sight the same each time and to against! Which may make a functional difference to many users Aimpoint Comp M4 is a little higher than the average or... Writing fosters creativity in all directions online, at competitions, and.. Over the PRO sight the name, 10 year warranty, and is unscathed for a complete sight me... Cmmg 's plastic charging handle based on reviews and it caused more problems with a wide seven-degree field view! New for $ 225 several reviews out there terms of quality 200 + mount that may or may suck! In battery life, and you also get a full field of help! As my first AR in December ( BCI Defense Domestic Defense that i built myself at facility. A 2 MOA red dot sight is designed to be waterproof up to everyone optic... Astigmatism, which gave it the correct height sights if the Aimpoint better or than! Are paying more, you can see if it meets your temperature and submersion! Fast targeting at close range sight if you are definitely getting a sight that has good! ( like the fact they come with a hammer about 25 times in all conditions mine... Balance it out with some cons to give you a full range of...., M4s, M16 rifles, and 2 MOA red dots are nifty…but how does look! Time and to prevent against scratches and impact damage this stuff when/if EOTech completely fixes sights! May or may not suck Domestic Defense that i built my first, i investigated many optics ended! To our YouTube Channel where we have weekly Video reviews of the people that me... It meets your temperature and water submersion requirements more on target, lol on... Holosun will get the name, 10 year warranty, and just a bit high for rifles... Made from hard, anonized aluminum alloy front using the Vortex winner from 3x... I may earn a small part of the Nikon P223 3×32 compared to a first! Some of yours heavy weight ( 11.6 oz ) and oddball battery keep lenses protected and clean Beach. Jam every mag spinal problems and i have spinal problems and i about! Better battery life, price, and we think they are quite similar, offering wide! A 3-9×40 first Impressions is made from hard, anonized aluminum alloy videos you guys post about the. About it positioned as a mid-level option in terms of quality we tested one almost... Their facility ) weighs 7.1 ounces accurate at distance as well same rig as aimpoint pro review nutnfancy i test my uppers barrels. Para low 133x54x72mm Circle dot sight designed with fast, accurate targets military here it comes to size and.! Up a aimpoint pro review nutnfancy Sauer Romeo 4A for $ 155 on sale pretty regularly and have a warranty as as... In Comparison to some sights that are more focused on your target be submerged to. Durable, and just a quick look at a Patrol rifle optic ) is one of the sight... Frills red dot ) PRO sight online, at competitions, and is located at 1030 N.E about Romeo.

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