It provides cloud-based transaction products and services in the United States and over 180 countries internationally. We think it's going to be, as we talked about in the earlier questions, hugely important part of building this significant opportunity that we have. We saw customers coming back to us saying, "Yes. The company has been posting record revenue growth. I think you made it pretty clear, and we all get it. So that's kind of what's happening. Dan, if I could go back to the question of the upsell of the broader Agreement Cloud or CLM suite, you gave some good color. Now let me remind everyone that some of our statements on today's call are forward-looking. Most people buy message capacity when we're talking about our eSignature business, which, of course, is still the largest part of our business. Thanks to all of you. DOCU has. And that will be, I believe, the primary thing we do for the years to come. It is the capacity of agreements they're putting through the system is what drives that increase in demand, which then leads them to up the contract with us. Second piece is notary. A great proof point is that Salesforce, as part of its revenue cloud business, will now resell DocuSign Gen for Salesforce CPQ Plus, a product that generates agreements for sales growth. But we'll be giving guidance for next year on our Q4 call. But let's get through this year, get through Q4 and see if we then maybe want to reassess that. And in fact, Forrester did a couple of years ago put out a report saying we already had become a brand in that same way you talked about like Kleenex or Xerox. That's not part of the core business today. The point of, hey, you've got a contract for x number of seats. If you're in different markets overseas, particularly some of the markets where we have had sort of less growth and I put sort of the Germanys and the Japans as an example, we don't have that same brand awareness. By partnering with DocuSign, they completed federal funding forms electronically and launched a virtual back-to-school program. Thank you for taking my questions. In the short term (2weeks), DOCU's stock price should outperform the market by 0.44%.During that period the price should oscillate between -7.79% and +8.53%.. Founded in 1993 in Alexandria, VA., by brothers David and Tom Gardner, The Motley Fool is a multimedia financial-services company dedicated to building the world's greatest investment community. So the sizes of lands, the pricing of the deals that we've been doing, they've been amazingly consistent even though the volume, as you point out, has been more substantial. Now on to our guidance. David and Tom just revealed what they believe are the ten best stocks for investors to buy right now... and DocuSign wasn't one of them! We definitely saw it with travel and hospitality, where people had to sort of put on hold virtually everything as they really needed to retrench. Our next question comes from the line of Koji Ikeda with Oppenheimer. These follow a familiar pattern for us to make DocuSign available wherever business gets done. We don't really think about that as information that's ours to sort of play with. And that wouldn't have been true a year ago. So I think that's kind of how I look at it right now. So those are just really, really small at this point in time. But we'll make dollar trade-offs to grow top line before we improve margin. Yes. The Seal technology being used? And then, Cynthia, chime in with your perspectives on what you're seeing. This quarter, we nearly tripled our new and direct customer additions compared to Q3 last year with nearly 73,000 total new customers, of which approximately 14,000 were direct customers. So Cynthia, you can give a perspective on your thoughts on when we be in a position to talk about that further. Stock Market Predictions. Looking at the past twelve months, the stock has grown more than 217.3% due to its aggressive capital expenditures and steady growth in the user base. So I would expect going into next year, we'll be looking at kind of the guidance, and we'll be looking across the metric. What do you want the solution to do in the future that it can't do today? This will enable a notary transaction to occur entirely over video with the notary and participants all in different places. And so I think, as Dan said, when you think about the TAM and the market penetration, we're really just scratching the surface. That's right. And our customers expanded their use of DocuSign at the highest levels we've seen to date, yielding a net revenue retention rate of 122%. They've actually performed incredibly well in this time period for us. Yes. We don't know how much longer the pandemic is going to last. I think we've seen the same thing throughout the year. And we're going to — you're going to see us talking in the future about the investments we want to make to move even more and more of our customer new acquisitions to come through the digital business, which we think is going to be a super cost-effective way for us to scale our growth. As Annie said, we're going to be up on the road, some opportunities to see you all. And if you recall, they're very, very small relative to a business that's past $1 billion last year. On average, they anticipate DocuSign's stock price to reach $263.33 in the next twelve months. You may proceed with your question. I mean I think we've seen a lot of times when companies add a lot of customers like this. And that's just one example. Dan, I understand we're not going back to a pen-and-paper way of doing things, but you also talked about how customers are accelerating their digital transformation by three to 4 years. It's a great way to think about it. Hi. Here is how our proprietary POWR Ratings system evaluates DOCU: DOCU is currently trading below its 50-day moving average of $216.24 but above its 200-day moving average of $157.89, indicating that the stock is neither in an uptrend nor in a downtrend. The last few quarters of heightened demand have offered a glimpse into the long-term growth opportunity we have. Rishi Jaluria -- D.A. Even if they don't necessarily require the certification, it gives them comfort. And because the TAM is so big, I think the biggest determinant of our ability to grow is our ability to onboard quality people that can build the software that we need and then represent and sell that software into the marketplace so we can then work with our customer success team to drive adoption. So I'm sure you don't want to give guide on this call, but is there any framework you can provide? DocuSign, Inc. (NASDAQ: DOCU), which offers the world's #1 eSignature solution as part of the DocuSign Agreement Cloud, today announced results for its fiscal quarter ended April 30, 2020. And how those customers expect to expand usage? These two platforms will be integrated into the Agreement Cloud suite of products to enhance the breadth of its offerings. We think it's going to be a significant piece. We ended the quarter with 113,000 direct customers, a 64% increase. We ended the quarter with 5,364 employees, an increase of 44% over the same quarter last year. [Operator instructions] I would now pass this call over to Ms. Anne Leschin, head of investor relations. DocuSign now expects fiscal 2021 revenue to be between $1.313 billion and $1.317 billion. Sidharath’s passion for the markets and his love of words guided him to becoming a financial journalist. This is Alex on for Scott. I would like to turn this call back over to management for closing remarks. Meaning, are you landing higher up in your customer organization so that when they are ready to come back around and have that discussion, they're at the level that the kind of business process changes required or really that could help change their entire business that they have the authority, frankly, to start to have those conversations? I'm just wondering if you could help us understand sort of the puts and takes over the next couple of quarters on NRR as we're looking at that number and how it trends. Stock Predictons by days: 2021 Search Stock, FX pair, Crypto, or Commodity... DocuSign, … Instead, you need something else… What Predictions Get Wrong. And so we've accelerated that growth not because we're sort of robbing from the future, but we're just getting closer toward that $25 billion TAM opportunity. nodes[i].dataset.subscription : nodes[i].getAttribute('data-subscription'); if(status ==='true') {nodes[i].checked = true;}}};var nodes = document.querySelectorAll('#form1783 select[data-value]'); if (nodes) { for (var i = 0; i < nodes.length; i++) { var node = nodes[i]; var selectedValue = node.dataset ? To receive notifications via email, enter your email address and select at least one subscription below. So when you think about it going forward, I don't expect there to be a significant rotation out of our strong industries. Yes. DOCU is currently ranked #37 out of 96 stocks in the Software – Application industry. You may proceed with your question. They might have planned it as a three-year growth, and at the end of a year and a half or two, they're now at that new level. But I don't think other deals like Slack will fundamentally change that perspective of valuation. So I think, as I said, I think we hit a record net retention number this quarter at the 1 22. So when we do acquisitions, if you think about the three deals we've done since I've been here, you'll see they all have very similar characteristic, which is someone has a product, probably not super mature business but a product that we look at and say, "We need to have that functionality in our Agreement Cloud suite." It just hasn't been growing its share the way it had been growing substantially, again, off a very, very small base but growing its position there. The stock has soared so far this year as DOCU’s business model benefited from tailwinds of the stay-at-home trend. However, we've also seen the critical role that innovation can play at a time like this and how technology can help people adapt in the wake of the pandemic. For Q4 non-GAAP interest and other, we expect $1 million of expense to $1 million of income. And Analyzer is the first example. We saw strength across the business from geographies, verticals and customer types to new additions, renewals and upsells. We're just executing at a higher rate today. DOCU has recently released DocuSign Analyzer, the AI-powered contract analytics solution designed for incoming agreements. DOCU is currently ranked #37 out of 96 stocks in the, industry. We saw that with some small businesses. This suggests a possible upside of 13.3% from the stock's current price. We just actually recently did a study a couple of months ago. Hey there. There's third-party notary. I feel fortunate to have had a front-row seat as a Board member over the last few years and could not be more impressed and humbled by the team's dedication and focus on our customers, our differentiated product portfolio and remarkable execution in these extraordinary times. And even in Q4, our Q4 last year was very strong, and it was a significant quarter on its own. In September, we launched an important new product called DocuSign Analyzer. Or was there just a larger quantity of them that's been happening? Stock analysis for DocuSign Inc (DOCU:NASDAQ GS) including stock price, stock chart, company news, key statistics, fundamentals and company profile. DocuSign, Inc. DOCU is scheduled to report second-quarter fiscal 2021 results on Sep 3, after the bell. They'll all start with that position. And so it's just something to be mindful of as we move forward. And so Cynthia just alluded to this in her comment. I mean maybe it already has. And we think about that as being part of our sign business as opposed to really a separate component. And sometimes when you have outperformance on the top line, it's hard to reinvest that in quarter at the same rate. Other popular stocks in the industry are Endava plc (DAVA), Adobe Inc. (ADBE), and Digital Turbine, Inc. (APPS). OK. And maybe this next question is to Cynthia. We've had a lot of enthusiasm about this year as well. DocuSign Inc. analyst estimates, including DOCU earnings per share estimates and analyst recommendations. Our international business grew over 77% year over year, reflecting our continued growth across geographies. They're usually partners that we've sort of jointly sold before. Moreover, its trailing P/S of 33.22x is 918.2% higher than the sector’s 3.26x. Then I've got a quick follow-up. ... March 12, 2021: EPS forecast (this quarter) $0.21: Annual revenue (last year) $974.0M: If you check how Airbnb has performed vs the major hotel, brands you might see the potential of Airbnb in 2021. or "Yes, sir. And we have countries that we're very early in that we see an opportunity to really accelerate. Davidson -- Analyst. That makes a lot of sense. Increasingly, government is one. DocuSign lifted its full-year revenue forecast to a range of $1.426 billion to $1.43 billion, from a previous forecast … We'll hold you to that $10 billion target. We think it can actually be really significant. And as I mentioned before, we saw that it was growing for the rest of the Agreement Cloud, going up through Q4 of last year and into the beginning of Q1 this year. There's additional an organization called Disa, more than you probably ever want to know in the federal government, has a final certification requirement that we expect shortly. And Cynthia, good to chat and work with you again. But I actually think the more exciting part about AI is where you're going with your question, which is once we have through a CLM that's enhanced with our AI capabilities, now companies have the ability to really learn about their business and make intelligent insights about their business based on that body of contracts that they have. It might be good to have Cynthia chat a little bit about sort of the timing, particularly in Q3 and how we saw that play out versus Q4 and going forward. And they said, "Hey, we're super excited to be now reaccelerating our plans to roll out CLM." I mean the verticals, again, when we talk about financial services, we talk about healthcare life sciences, I think they're going to be very strong for us next year as well. There has been a small amount of mix shift. And when they do buy, what are they buying? Hey. But the growth and the acceleration of this has been phenomenal. We need to execute for the next several years to achieve our goals of getting to $5 billion of revenue. So I still see that happen. So just sort of the sum is, are you landing high enough op to start those conversations? So we're absolutely doing that. Our next question comes from the line of Scott Berg with Needham & Company. But it's kind of hard not to think about all three, Pat, for me. We're obviously incredibly excited about the business and the performance we have. But at the same time, I think the second part of your question, which is really important is we're also hitting our stride with the capabilities we have and the rest of the Agreement Cloud. We landed 73,000 new customers, bringing our total to nearly 822,000 worldwide. So if you can maybe quantify or characterize how much of that benefit. So you're saying that the Insight as a partner? And with our revenue being under a couple of billion and us having such a dramatic market share lead, I mean, such a big portion of the total market, it gives you a sense that I think we can continue to grow at very attractive rates well into the future. DOCU is one of the best-performing stocks in 2020 whose ascent began with the onset of the pandemic. So there's nothing I'd point to to it sort of seems to me fundamentally different that would give us any reason to expect that the journey that customers would take in terms of their growth coming from that land and expand would be different. Stan Zlotsky -- Morgan Stanley -- Analyst. They sort of got a market fit that — product market fit that we're comfortable with. DocuSign, Inc. (DOCU) specializes in developing and marketing e-signature technology and solutions that enable businesses to digitally prepare, execute, and act on agreements. Yes. We also expect it to grow faster because we have more levers there relative to the U.S. business in that we have additional countries that we are not in. One more example is a large U.S. insurance customer. And I think to your question about the implication going forward, I think the first implication is just what you said, is that our customers are saying they want to do more DocuSign. You explained sort of Seal and sort of some of the ability to read contracts. We're still seeing this demand that's just so strong on signature. Customers with an annual spend greater than $300,000 grew 35% year over year, totaling 542 customers. So I don't think we're landing higher or landing lower for that matter. Subscription revenue increased 54% year over year to $367 million. Since the onset of the health crisis, remote working, and learning culture amplified the dependence on edge computing and cloud infrastructure. In July, it acquired Liveoak Technologies for $38 million to enhance its remote e-notary service. But I'm wondering if you could quantify it a little bit. Given the compare in Q4, you see the guide, I don't think we would say we expect that to happen again, by any means, next quarter. Dec. 03, 2020 4:23 PM ET DocuSign, Inc. (DOCU) By: Brandy Betz, SA News Editor 25 Comments. Join thousands of investors who get the latest news, insights and top rated picks from! While APPS beat DOCU by gaining 402.2% year-to-date, DAVA and ADBE returned 43.1% and 40.3%, respectively, over this period. That's fantastic, but there's a ton more, where we take that AI capability and we bring it into our overall product suite. )+[a-z]{2,63}/i);}, failureMessage: "Value must not contain any URL's"});field5.add(Validate.Presence, {failureMessage:"This field is required"});field5.add(Validate.Length, {tooShortMessage:"Invalid length for field value", tooLongMessage: "Invalid length for field value", minimum: 4, maximum: 4});function handleFormSubmit(ele) { var submitButton = ele.querySelector('input[type=submit]'); var spinner = document.createElement('span'); spinner.setAttribute('class', 'loader'); submitButton.setAttribute('disabled', true); = 'wait'; submitButton.parentNode.appendChild(spinner); return true; }function resetSubmitButton(e){ var submitButtons ='submit-button'); for(var i=0;i
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