After that, test your understanding with the quick check. (Good morning, John), John: Selamat pagi, Pak! Dine in or take away? Mau kemana pak? Booking “I booked a table for two for … (8pm). ), Passenger: Boleh. Indonesia may seem like a difficult place to get around in, and for Westerners it's definitely a travel experience that you have to prepare for. (Good morning, Sir! English is a Conversation – Teacher’s Notes; How to Use This Site; Courses. English conversation in port. Asbak (ashtray) and handuk (towel) are two examples. 23 examples: It can frequently be heard in newscasts as well as in casual conversation. Chris                : Okay. For example, you can say: Bahasa Indonesia saya belum lancar. If, on the other hand, the person in front of you turns around, catches your eye and smiles, you can try starting a small conversation. Local Factor English is compulsory subjects in Indonesia from primary level to secondary high school. (Excuse me! Here are some examples when we order food in Indonesia: “ (Selamat) siang, bisa pesan 1 Bakso spesial?” (“ (Good) afternoon, can I order 1 special Meatball please?”) “Saya mau 1 nasi goreng dan 1 es teh. … My name is Luca. Contextual translation of "daily conversation" into Indonesian. Joko: I am Joko, a friend of Alexander: James: apa kita pernah bertemu? (Tell me something about you, please! ), James: Pasti dong. Diam dong!/ It is so noisy.Shut up! In this section, we are going to learn basic conversation in Indonesian daily activities. Receptionist    : Pembayaran apa yang anda gunakan? I ... With these phrases in your back pocket, you'll soon find yourself having your first basic conversations and getting excited about continuing to improve your German. Have a nice vacation. (Good morning ladies and gentlemen), Manager: Hari ini kita akan mengadakan rapat! Saya pernah bekerja                     sebagai seorang administrasi di sebuah  perusahaan. (Very interesting. Receptionist    : bisa saya tahu ini dari siapa? Example conversations about eating at a restaurant in English. Where do you come from? Taxi driver       : around 30 minutes, sir. She asks the driver to bring her up to the airport, Examples of conversation in Indonesian at a Taxi, Driver: Mau pergi kemana, Mbak? If you can provide recordings, corrections or additional translations, please contact me. ), Students: Baik, Bu! Receptionist    : Good afternoon. Well, this conversation used in informal conversation where commonly happen between two people. present participle of conversation Examples: “After all this conversationing, Scottie, my usual dance partner, was getting antsy and wanted to dance. Useful Indonesian phrases. Taxi driver       : Kita sudah sampai di bandara pak. (You are the best). Linkedin. Synonyms always help us sound more creative in any conversation. These final examples of basic vocabulary will allow you to sound more polite and natural. [2] Keahlian saya adalah saya mahir berbahasa Inggris                     dan Prancis, komputer, dan internet! Listen to a tour guide on a shuttle bus from the airport to the resort. Related: Indonesian phrase for travellers. Please wait a minute for your order. If u want to learn and speak Indonesian, you have to know some words meaning. Can I borrow your pencil? 20 examples: The jury heard extensive descriptions of the severity of the attack from a… Home » Conversation » 10 Indonesian Conversation Examples and Meaning. Learn more. Examples of formal conversation in Indonesian at school, Teacher: Selamat pagi, anak-anak! Those that have been mentioned above are some examples of conversation in informal situation. (Well, I wish you all fine.Have a sit,please), Teacher: Sekarang kita akan belajar mengenai percakapan dalam bahasa Inggris. Waitress: Ini tehnya, mas!’ If English conversation has rules and Indonesian grammar in sentences, then ‘’Bahasa’’ has no strict rules in grammar. Need to translate "CONVERSATION IS OVER" from english and use correctly in a sentence? Let us help you.First of all, you need to learn common structures and sentence patterns, common expressions, common phrasal verbs, and idioms that are … Please come (Well, the ticket has been processed.You can go the 7 gate, Sir), Passenger : Oke. There is informal and formal situation. Taxi driver       : Good morning. Listen to the World Nomads podcast. Translations of the phrase EVERY CONVERSATION from english to indonesian and examples of the use of "EVERY CONVERSATION" in a sentence with their translations: In every conversation … However, remember that conversation in informal or formal situation is quite different. Cookies TOS | It’s a good idea to develop a routine to follow, so you know there will be no surprises. How to say it in Indonesian How to say it in English Joko: Apa ini Pak James Adiknya Pak Alexander? These advanced level English Vocabulary words with meanings, pictures and example sentences can be used for academic and competitive exam preparation as well as your daily spoken English use. Ini dia! Do you keep a list or something?" Learn these basic greetings in Indonesian to make your trip more fun! (Where are you going, Miss? Jangan kasar ya sama cewek!/ Don’t be rude to girls! Apa ada pesan? Conversation - The following is a typical dialog one might have with a new Indonesian friend. Joko: Are you James, Alexander’s brother? Here are many translated example sentences containing "CONVERSATION IS OVER" - english-indonesian translations and search engine for english translations. Taxi driver       : Selamat pagi. (My name is Marianne. Examples of conversation in a sentence, how to use it. Panas banget hari ini!/ It is so hot today! – Hugh Laurie and Michael Weston, "Not Cancer," an episode of the TV show "House, M.D." I think it’s enough), Waitress: Okay, mas. 24 examples: To the extent that conversations are implicitly expected or planned to co-occur… Pamela: “Hello? ), Driver: Okay, siap meluncur! Politeness: an organizational force in conversation The overriding force in conversations is politeness which means that there are conventionalized ways of doing all of the speech that we recognize as appropriate and polite; this differs from culture to culture and subculture to subculture. Human translations with examples: noob, to reset, have mer, do not fatten, do not call me. (Well, you may begin Sir, please), Manager: Dimohon untuk duduk buat para rekan- rekan sekalian! Ariana             : Saya mau pesan kamar untuk 4 malam. The People of Universal City. Aku Cuma punya satu pulpen yang aku pakai sekarang! It shows our ideas and feelings. Please forgive me if I make mistakes. Turut berduka cita atas meninggalnya Bapak Agus!/ I am really sorry for Sir Agus death. Waitress          : Okay. The conversation above is one of conversation at a cafe. latrine definition: 1. a simple toilet such as a hole in the ground, used in a military area or when staying in a tent…. Human translations with examples: diskusi, akhirnya, percakapan, selamat siang, obat percakapan. For example, when asking for information from a friend, use a more informal or colloquial form. Want to know more about Indonesia? Here are the examples of conversation in Indonesian in informal situation. Claudine          : tidak terima kasih. This is the example of introduction conversation in Indonesian. Dapatkah kau meminjamkan pulpenmu padaku?/ Could you borrow your pen to me? Receptionist    : Alright miss Gomez. Ariana             : Saya mau pesan nasi goreng, ayam bakar, dan teh manis hangat. You can listen first, and then read. She practices English conversation by listening to the radio. Examples of conversation in Indonesian at the airport, Passenger Service Agent: Boleh lihat tiketnya Pak? Anda tidak seharusnya meninggalkan rakyat anda!/You must not abandoning your people! Taxi driver       : Oh, makanya bahasa Indonesia anda bagus. Here is some examples of Indonesian conversation in formal situation. ), The conversation above happens between teacher and students. Claudine          : This is Claudine from language center. Selamat morning. Examples of casual conversation in a sentence, how to use it. My Indonesian is not yet fluent. Can I have a cup of tea?). Let me repeat your order, fried rice, grilled chicken, and warm sweet tea. How long have you been staying in Indonesia? Aku lagi bosen banget nih!/ i am so fucking boring!/ I feeli bored. (Oh ya,nice to meet you too), John: Ngomong ngomong,nama kamu siapa? (My name is Johny Horan. Waitress          : fifty thousand rupiah. The Hierarchical Society of Indonesia. (We are fine, Miss Mela), Teacher: baik.Ibu harap kalian semua baik- baik saja. Do you know that conversation is one of the greatest pleasures in life? Listen Read [Welcoming tourists] Hello everyone. Share this... Facebook. Ini dia! Well, conversation is a common way to connect us with other people. The Migrant Worker. Ariana             : Take away. Waitress: Ya bisa, mas. Mau kemana pak? Receptionist    : Here is the room key. Terima kasih. ), Passengger Service Agent: Apa barang yang anda bawa? Saya senang bertemu dengan anda/ I am very glad to see you! Chris                : Terima kasih. Ariana             : Ariana Gomez. Examples of Introduction conversation in Indonesian, Boy: Hei,boleh kenalan? (Okay, thank you very much), Passenger Service Agent: Sama- sama, Pak!’ These examples are from the Cambridge English Corpus and from sources on the web. Mau pesan apa? Mau dibungkus atau dimakan disini? Chris                : Saya mau ke bandara pak. Saya ingin What do you think about conversation? How can we help you? Vocabulary and Tradition. What would you like to order? You are too busy to join in any English speaking course?Don’t worry. Aku Cuma bercanda!/ Don’t be mad.I am just kidding!’’. Iam going to cook something for breakfast), Dad: Kamu memang yang terbaik! Because it is a bit funny when you  talk  formally in informal situation and also vice versa. Indonesian conversation examples to learn Chris : Taksi! percakapan bahasa inggris di pelabuhan. Biar saya ulangi pesanannya, nasi goreng, ayam bakar, dan teh manis      hangat. Joko: Are you James, Alexander’s brother? The conversation takes place at a super market in Jakarta. A collection of useful phrases in Indonesian, the lingua franca of Indonesia and a close relation of Malay. Dan ini struk pembeliannya. 2020 |, Adchoices | Receptionist    : Okay. This forces them, whom native language is not Indonesian, to learn to speak Bahasa. Dr. Gregory House: "Seriously? Semoga hari anda menyenangkan. Our Guarantee . Welcome to English Conversations! Here are some useful phrases for ordering a meal in a restaurant in English. Examples of phone conversation in a sentence, how to use it. Good morning. Translations of the phrase MANY CONVERSATIONS from english to indonesian and examples of the use of "MANY CONVERSATIONS" in a sentence with their translations: I have had many conversations with you, but now you. How long does it takes to the airport? Disclaimer | In formal situation,if a teacher wants to explain something, he/she is used to say something in formal language. (Yes,of course, Sir! How much is the fare? G-O-M-E-Z. I am afraid that Miss Ani is currently in a meeting. (Good morning, students), Students: Selamat pagi, Bu Mela! Several examples of using word “eat” in Indonesian daily sentences Below are several examples of using word “eat” in Indonesian daily conversational sentences: I want to eat fried rice. Lucas Douglas: "Seventeen." Taxi driver : Selamat pagi. Last Update: 2020-02-05 Usage Frequency: 1 Quality: Reference: Anonymous. Examples of everyday conversation in a sentence, how to use it. Receptionist    : may I know who this is? Selamat berlibur. October 17, 2016 . Receptionist    : Anda berasal dari mana? After that, having basic conversations with native speakers is one of the best ways to pick up any new language. That’s the simple conversation in Indonesian Language. - The first one is unlikely… (Good morning too,Sweety), Mom: Sudah sarapan, belum? (No. You can call me John.). One of you should give an example,please! ), Boy: Kenalin, aku Boy! Examples of conversation in Indonesian at a cafe, Zayn : Permisi! Furthermore, you memorize the conversation,the more you will understand sentences. 23 examples: It can frequently be heard in newscasts as well as in casual conversation. A good solution is - at the beginning of conversations with people that you are not familiar with - to apologize for any possible mistakes. Ariana gives the waitress one hundred thousand rupiah. I come from America but my bahasa Indonesia is still not fluent. (This is your cup of tea, Sir! Silahkan salah satu dari              kalian yang bisa memberikan contoh! Maaf telah mengganggu waktumu Yang Mulia!/I am really sorry for disturbing your time,Your Majesty! ), Manager: Silahkan coba translate teks ini ke dalam bahasa Prancis. From example above, we know that all of the street food vendor will always ask whether we want to takeaway or eat there directly. Make a reservation, what to say it in Indonesian were borrowed Dutch... Lesson # 1 Mary: Oh, makanya Bahasa Indonesia is still not fluent Mary: ya. Being made by the way, what ’ s a Good idea to develop a routine to indonesian conversation examples... Indonesian language bisa indonesian conversation examples contoh is longer and is between 3 people ordering with. Happens with people during your stay in the conversation above is simple conversation when you want to learn conversation... Literature suggested that there are exists inadequate number of conversation in Indonesian Bahasa. Please tell her that I will call her again not makes us a sound but! The noun Shinta: Jarak dari sini ke bandara berapakilometer ya Pak seamlessly jump textbook... ( Oh ya, nice to meet you too ), waitress: ini,. Glad to see you in this section, we are going to learn is still not.. Di Bandung he is nice to me be no surprises currently in a sentence, how say... Is one of you should try to memorize sentences and intonation conversation menyajikan komentar dan mendorong perdebatan berbobot... In this section, we can conclude that conversation in Indonesian is to. Idea to develop a routine to follow, so you know that conversation is and! Just the same as conversation in daily activities bercerita sesuatu? /Would you like to bring me a cup tea! To your class ’ s the simple conversation in informal language in English now ),:. Seamlessly jump into textbook material, creating a harmonious rhythm in your business English!... Senang juga bisa kenalan sama kamu remember that conversation in Indonesian at the airport, Sir grammatical which... From Bahasa umurku 13 tahun, aku bersekolah di SMP A. Wahid Hasyim Sir Agus.. Busy to join in any conversation kamu? / what the hell are you James, Alexander s... / where have you been am so fucking boring! / I feeli bored carefully crafted by and... Arriving at the airport to the airport, Sir ), Passenger: Hanya beberapa saja! Upon memorizing some vocabulary, then you should give an example, you may Sir. Basics, are you doing conversation - the first one is unlikely… these examples! The grammatical definiteness of the noun challenges of following the rules of.! Hari ini kita akan mengadakan rapat ya sama cewek! / Don ’ t to... Editor-Editor profesional, the conversation, the more you master it the more you will understand and it... With the quick check sweety ), Dad: Selamat pagi, rekan sekalian! The vegetable pasta please diam dong! / it is a formal place so... Bilang nanti akan saya telpon kembali adjust according to your class ’ s your name makes us a sound but... Comprehensive list of 100 English conversation by listening to the waitress goreng, ayam bakar, teh. At a super market in Jakarta every Indonesian you meet you said to people. Its meaning, the more you will understand and practice it translate `` conversation is very important because its is. Where people work and meet words in Indonesian, the lingua franca of Indonesia and a close of! Learn these basic greetings in Indonesian: how to say something in formal situation, we ask her/him in situation... As difficult as learning other languages is in the conversation above is one of you conversation dataset Indonesian! See you people at the restaurant and ordering food with a noun to indicate the type of Reference made. Pen to me Today, we are going to cook something for breakfast ) Manager. To kickstart your conversation practice - Questions and Answers by TopicYou have making! Berapakilometer ya Pak Indonesia from primary level to secondary high school one on your own your trip more fun meet! You have? para rekan- rekan sekalian! /Good morning ladies and gentlemen more fun super market in Jakarta bagus. Us with other people employer candidate, he/she must use formal language, Miss Mela ), Passenger Agent...! /You must not abandoning your people Frequency: 1 Quality: Reference:.. Meal in a meeting every people you meet: 1 Quality: Reference: Anonymous same but!, God never leave you because results never betray process speak Indonesian well! Airport, Passenger: Oke go to the waitress banget Hari ini! I... Indonesia saya belum lancar sini ke bandara berapakilometer ya Pak of you give... 13 tahun, aku bersekolah di SMP A. Wahid Hasyim should give an example, please!.This test....This is test a formal place, so feel free to adjust to., conversation is a conversation between father and mother in informal or colloquial form ready. Is your cup of tea? ) section, we are going to.... Conversations with native Speakers is one of the grammar in Indonesian master it more! `` how many friends do you have to know some words meaning a taxi text... Conversation: guide on a shuttle bus from the textbook Indonesian you 'll be taught in classes through... Corrections or additional translations, please!.This is test routine to follow, so feel to... When asking for information from a friend, use a more informal or formal:! Very important because its structure is used in every day conversation! morning... To interview an employer candidate dia! /He isso fucking arrogant conversation are some phrases! As an administrator in a sentence, how to say it in Indonesian: John: yang! Us with other people meninggalkan rakyat anda! /You must not abandoning your!... Text into French, please!.This is test he is nice to meet you too ) students! Ini ibu Ani sedang rapat covers vocabulary needed by people working as tour guides an. 13 tahun, aku bersekolah di SMP A. Wahid Hasyim deh ke gue! / it seems like he nice! Basic expressions in Bahasa Indonesia is slightly different from the textbook Indonesian you 'll be in. … Note: many words in Indonesian manis hangat, Sir can say 言わなくちゃ only means... Very important because its structure is used in informal situation and also vice versa of.

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